Monday, June 16, 2008

Coffee Day 16th June 2008

What a great Coffee Day! So many toys! Acoutic piano, Technics ensemble electric piano, Korg Pa1X keyboard! A lot of fun was had with solos, ad lib duets and trios. Thanks for a great day Ngaire.
Ngaire in her natural enviroment - her beloved acoustic piano
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Colleen on the Korg accompanied by George on piano - real cool stuff!

The Triumvirate - George, Colleen and Jim
Ngaire with the 'spotlight'
Jim accompanies Ngaire - good stuff!
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Rob savouring the moment on Ngaire's very nice acoustic piano
Rob giving the Korg a 'spin'
Rob accompanied by Jim - good fun!
George entertains
Who's your sister Barbara?
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Colleen is so keen on George's playing
she has her second-self viewing from behing the piano!

Phyl at home on an acoustic piano - nice playing

Colleen enjoying the Technics Ensemble piano
Cavatina never sounded better!
And for something different, how about
"The Deer Hunter"
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Ngaire and Jim share a musical moment

Ken enjoying the occasion - he has a Korg at home also

Play me!
Rob and Jim dueting to great effect
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Club Night 3rd June 2008

June Club Night was a DIY and showed off the many talents and variety of playing styles of our members.
Phyl plays the new Clavinova for the first time - very nice
John enjoying the Clavinova
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Ngaire getting used to the touch

John on his beloved Yamaha PSR 9000

Tony has a Yamaha PSR 9000 also - cool machine
Barbara makes her debut on the Clavinova
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Rob right at home on Clavinova
Skip did agreat job on his Korg Pa1X with the arrival music
Gordon covering future events
Gordon playing his Korg Pa1X
pushing buttons as usual!
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