Monday, July 19, 2010

Coffee Day 19th July 2010

A really lively Coffee Day with Rob and Barbara Powell. With 25 guests, Rob and Barbara did a great job to accommodate us all so wonderfully. With a choice of Tyros 3 keyboard, top of the range Clavinova and Yamaha Electone organ to play we sure were spoiled with which instrument to choose to play. It was great to a have new member, Neil Adams, play the Clavinova - his debut for the Club. Well done Neil, we enjoyed your music. Thank you Rob and Barbara for being such hospitable hosts to the Club and making this such a special day.

 Our hosts, Rob and Barbara Powell played a couple of duets very nicely.            Alan Wilkins brought his Yamaha PSR S-900 keyboard

Skip Eade enjoying the Tyros 3 Jim Nicholson playing the Clavinova CVP-210 Limited Edition model Peter Brophy (foreground), Jim Nicholson on Clavinova and Skip Eade on Tyros 3 having a jam session. Colin Crann on the Clavinova George Watt on the Clavinova Ken Mahy, Jim Bickner, Neil Adams, Doreen Comyns, Alan Wilkins and John Beales enjoying the Tyros 3 being played

Our host, Rob Powell, right at home on his superb CVP-210 A study in concentration. Marlene Forrest (left) and Phyl Briscoe with a duet on the Clavinova whilst Ngaire Lonergan watches on. Colleen watching proceedings whilst Marlene Forrest sets-up with Rob Powell assisting John Beales on the Clavinova Peter Littlejohn enjoying the Clavinova Ngaire Lonergan enjoying the Clavinova whilst Neil Adams and Doreen Comyns watch-on New member, Neil Adams on his Club debut. Neil has a CVP-305 himself. Desiree Barrows enjoying playing the Tyros 3 Peter Littlejohn playing the Yamaha Electone EL15 organ Barbara McNab enjoying the Clavinova

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Darren Smith and Andy Keys Concert 18th July 2010

Wow, what a great Concert and what a great mid-winter turnout on a cold Sunday evening. The music was hot inside though with Darren Smith and Andy Keys of MusicWorks playing some magnificent easy listening and light jazz classics on our brand new, latest model and state-of-the-art Yamaha Clavinova CVP-509. Darren Smith, National Retail Manager for the MusicWorks Group, started the evening off with "In The Mood" and we sure were in the mood! Each note on this piano has been digitally sampled 5 times to give the most realistic feel and sound of a true acoustic piano but with the added advantage of full orchestrations at the touch of a button. To make sure everybody got a good view of the keyboard and fingers, Darren brought along a large data projector screen. The Concert was also captured on video for a DVD in due course that will be made available to members courtesy of Darren and Andy.

Andy Keys, thrilled us with his superb touch and great arrangements of some easy listening standards. We were even treated to some pretty slick crooning as well!









Some great duet playing as well with the Yamaha Tyros 3 brought into play. You can just see the edge of the big projector that meant everybody in the audience had a great view of the keyboards and fingers.


Some fun and frolics as well with a piano duet whilst the Club Secretary, Colleen Kerr, capture the moment on camera.

President, Gordon Sutherland (centre) thanking Andy Keys (left) and Darren Smith (right) for a fantastic Concert. Photo courtesy of Club Secretary, Colleen Kerr.  

A big thank you to the Committee for rallying round and organizing this Concert with less than two weeks notice! A big thank you also to Sue Rossiter of the Takapuna Bowling Club for attending the bar to add to the relaxed evenings entertainment.

First prize in the raffle was won by Ngaire Macrea - a set of six high quality bottles of wine. Second prize went to Barbara McNab - a set of four nicely decorated coffee mugs.

A big thank you to all that attended the evening and entered into the spirit of helping the Club raise the final dollars to pay for our brand spanking new pride and joy Clavinova the top-of-the-range CVP-509.

Celebration Concert with Darren Smith & Andy Keys 18th July 2010

The Club has just purchased one of these magnificent instruments and so what you will hear is the Club’s own machine!

Darren Smith Concert Flyer

Here are some links to UTube for you to sample the kind of sounds and orchestrations you can expect at the Concert from this magnificent instrument:

(Hint: you will need to be using a broadband Internet connection to get these streaming videos to play smoothly and remember to have your speakers turned-on!).



Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Club Night 6th July 2010

Definitely a top drawer evening with hardly a spare chair left in the house! Members and visitors were treated to an amazing evening of musical entertainment and variety by some of our very talented members – this being a DIY evening. Arrival music was done by Club President, Gordon Sutherland on his Korg Pa1X. This was followed by a cameo by a guest, Denise Gunson on our Clavinova and very well played too! Colleen Kerr, Club Secretary followed on the Clavinova with three traditional easy listening pieces. Barbara McNab followed on the Clavinova making good use of the built-in rhythms. Peter Littlejohn followed playing his Korg Pa1X and adding vocals too!  Second-half saw Peter Jackson entertain us with his super smooth crooning vocals playing along with midi files from his Korg Pa1X. Peter’s jokes were pretty good too! Sure were a lot of Korgs this evening! Finally, we were treated to a mini concert by our very own, Takashi Iida (Taka) who brought along his brand new Yamaha Electone. What wonderful arrangements and perfect execution of a variety of pieces as diverse as Elgar to The Beatles. Here is Taka’s programme:
  • Pomp and Circumstance March Op. 39 No.1 in D – Sir Edward Elgar
  • The Sound of Music – Rodgers and Hammerstein          
  • Tonight I Celebrate My Love – Gerry Goffin and Michael Masser
  • La reine de Saba – Charles Gounod
  • Let it be  - Lennon and McCartney
  • Super Star – Sibel Tuzun
  • African Symphony - Van McCoy
  • Jurassic Park - John Williams
    Gorgeous Taka, thank you so much for bring all your gear and giving us a veritable feast of magnificent music. 

                                    Stop Press!
    Exciting news was given to the meeting. The Club is delighted and proud to announce that it has just purchased a brand new top-of-the-line latest model Clavinova CVP-509. This is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of digital ensemble pianos. It has the leading-edge sounds, rhythms and digital effects processors (DSP’s) as found on the Yamaha Tyros 3 flag-ship keyboard. Not only this but each note is sampled 5 times to give as close a sound to an acoustic piano as technology permits presently (that is why they are called the 500 series). But wait there is more! The speakers and amplification system have been enhanced even more than on the previous 400 series range. Also, the machine now comes with a crystal clear large screen so that those of our members that struggle with small print can read the screen easily. Yamaha have done this with the 500 series by using TFT screen technology which gives a sharper image and can be seen from more oblique angles. Here is a shot of our new Clavinova. 

              The Club's brand new top-of-the-line Yamaha CVP-509 Clavinova

    We have worked hard as a Committee over the last two and a half years to be able to accumulate the funds to purchase this instrument but we could not have done it without the support of our members and so we hope you will enjoy in years to come this magnificent instrument. We will try to have some Coffee Days at the Club later this year so that more of our members can become familiar with the instrument. Further, as a celebration of this new Clavinova we are organizing a Sunday evening Concert on 18th July at 7.30 pm at our Club premises. We are fortunate enough to have secured Darren Smith and Andy Keys (National Demonstrator for MusicWorks) to be our guest artists. Be prepared to be amazed at the sound improvement and capabilities of this amazing instrument. Refer to the Flyer posted on this Web Page for further details. We hope you will be able to come and support the Club at this Celebratory Concert and help bolster our flagging funds! Visitors are most welcome.
    And now for the photos taken of our artists on the night and we thank them very much for their splendid musical contributions as we thank our Committee for organizing the Club Night so effectively.

    Hint: Hover your mouse over the photos to see text captions          
        Little Jack Horner sat in the corner. The Club President fronted-up to playing the arrival music on his Korg Pa1X. Photo courtesy of Colleen Kerr.  Newly discovered Denise Gunson did a guest appearance for us and played spendldly. Thank you Denise and please share your music with us in the future. Club Secretary, Colleen Kerr, played three lovely pieces for us. It was fitting that our Secretary played our Clavinova CVP-305 for the last time. As next month we shall have the brand new top-of- the-line Clavinova CVP-509 installed in our Club premises! The CVP-305 is still a great machine though and it has served us well over the last two years.           Barbara McNab making good use of the built-in arranger and playing with the added feature of a full orchestra! Good stuff Barbara.    

        Peter Littlejohn brought his Korg Pa1X along and entertained us with both playing and vocals using the sophisticated built-in TC Helicon harmonizer.       Peter Jackson brought his Korg Pa1X as well and sang along with midi songs from the keyboard with his usual very smooth crooning style voice. Hey, the jokes he interspersed had us 'in tuts' laughing also!

    The raffle prize of a lovely water jug was won by Marlene Forrest.

  • Thursday, July 1, 2010

    Playing to the Stroke Club 1st July 2010

    Part of NSOKC's activities includes taking our music out to the Community and one of our members, Joan Perkins, runs the North Shore Stroke Club as part of the National Stroke Foundation. Volunteer Paul Joung and Stroke Club Leader Joan Perkins Joan has been involved with the Stroke Club for some 28 of the Club's 30 year history and has been the Group Leader for the past 8 years. Joan has received many Civic Awards for her voluntary work and is a most worthy recipient as are all her loyal Committee helpers. It was our pleasure to provide music for their meeting which is weekly every Thursday morning starting about 10 am at St Joseph's Church Hall, Takapuna. Peter Brophy, the NSOKC's Events Manager, was accompanied by Peter Jackson from the Club on this occasion. Boy, did they get the audience jogging-along to the rousing old-time favourites.

    Hint: Hover your mouse over the photos to see text captions

    Peter Jackson entertaining the members on his superb Korg Pa1X      Peter Jackson singing along with Peter Brophy with some rollickin' good old-time favourites like Hoki Poki dance - good for the arms and legs exercises!

    Peter singing along with his Korg keyboard in Karaoke style. Nice crooning Peter.

    The indoor bowling activies        The indoor bowling activies

    Luncheon             Luncheon

    Volunteer, Paul Joung accompanying Mary Brown to the traditional Maori love song "Pokarekare Ana" whilst North Shore Organ and Keyboard Club players, Peter Brophy and Peter Jackson, watch on. This was sung in Maori and Korean - lovely.         Peter Brophy playing his Yamaha PSR-910 keyboard to Peter Jackson's vocals

    Group Leader, Joan Perkins addressing the members     Members enjoying the music concert which had emphasis on sing-along and general audience participation. Good to get those feet and arms moving!