Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Coffee Day at Northbridge Village 18th July 2017

With 22 of our members in attendance, we had a lovely day at Northbridge Village - lots of good music, conversation and a fab lunch from the cafeteria. It was good to see some potentially new members turning-up and in one case actually playing for us on the Village's lovely Yamaha Clavinova CVP-609.

The Photos:

President, Gordon Sutherland, playing his Korg Pa4X. Kay Boyes played the Clavinova CVP-609.

Our intrepid door warriors enjoying the occasion and pulling-in the money from the raffle. On the left our Secretary, Delyse Whorwood, and on the right Committee members, Margaret Black. Our Events Manager, Diane Lyons, playing her Yamaha PSR-3000.

Peter Longbottom playing his Korg Pa600. Mary Barrett playing her Korg Pa800.

Audrey Henden playing the Yamaha Clavinova CVP-609. Our host, Jim Nicholson, playing the Clavinova CVP-609.


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Club Nights 4th July 2017

Our loyal band of musical warriors enjoyed a great evening's entertainment. The weather was cold outside but cozy warm indoors with some really hot piano playing! The evening commenced with Colin Crann playing the arrival music on the Yamaha Clavinova CVP-509. Next up, President, Gordon Sutherland, played his Korg Pa4X. Hana Tani then gave us a piano recital and culminating with Mum, Yuko Tani, joining her for a lovely duet.  Kay Boyes then played some lively music on the Clavinova and followed by a brief cameo by Colin Crann on Clavinova (we squeezed Colin in to the tight program as it was his and Yvonne's Wedding Anniversary #53!). To finish the first half, Jim Nicholson played the Clavinova with some great rhythms to accompany his piano playing.
After the raffle draw and a refreshments break we were ready for our Special Guest Artist, Lionel Reekie. Lionel has an International reputation for both his piano accordion playing and his singing. We were blessed with both for the concert with some wonderful melodies and vocals.
A big thank you to the door staff and kitchen staff for their tireless efforts and also to Rod Moffat and Peter Jackson for helping me, Gordon, set-up the venue in the afternoon - this takes best part of 2 hours for
three people!

The Videos:

Our Guest Artist, Lionel Reekie, playing his Titano piano accordion as well as singing some songs to orchestral backing tracks.

Gordon Sutherland playing his Korg Pa4X on Club Night 4th July 2017.

Kay Boyes playing the Club’s Yamaha Clavinova CVP-509 on Club Night.

The Photos: 

Merv Adair arrived early and snook-in a 10 minute play on the Clavinova before the evening's proceedings commenced. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons. Colin Crann played the arrival music on on his 53rd Wedding Anniversary. Congratulations Colin and Yvonne! Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Gordon Sutherland playing his Korg Pa4X. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons. Hana Tani played the Clavinova for us superbly as always! Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Hana and Yuko Tani played a duet for us. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Kay Boyes played the Clavinova for us. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons. Jim Nicholson played the Clavinova for us. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Our Special Guest Artist, Lionel Reekie, played his Titano piano accordion for us magnificently as well as some world class singing using  orchestral backing tracks. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.