Monday, March 21, 2011

Coffee Day 21st March 2011

What a fantastic Coffee Day courtesy of the Jacksons at their magnificent home. The weather was rainy outside but the music shone through indoors all day and all night! With three keyboards, a Clavinova, a Yamaha grand piano, drum kit and electric guitar on hand. The music variety and jamming was terrific. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch and then at 4 pm cocktail hour! A BBQ dinner (indoors due to the weather) was thoroughly enjoyed by over 20 people and the music played on until about 10.15 pm. A great day to remember and a big thank you to Maureen and Ian Jackson for hosting us at their lovely home. A big thank you also to the professional musicians that enhanced the musical experience for us all too.

Colin Crann, Phyl Briscoe, Rob Powell, and Alan Wilkins covering some features on the Yamaha PSR-900 keyboard.Peter Littlejohn doing his gourmet thing in the kitchenSoaking-up the music and atmosphereOur host, Ian Jackson, playing his lovely Yamaha grand pianoCarole Littlejohn and Ian Jackson doing a duetIan Jackson absorbed in his drummingCarole Littlejohn and Ian Jackson jazzing it up a littleGeorge Watt enjoying the lovely Yamaha grand pianoDesiree Barrows playing her lovely version of Prelude a Korg Pa1XDorothy Waddel striding out on the grandIan Jackson, Carole Littlejohn and Rob Powell jammingPeter Littlejohn (escaping from galley duties) playing along with Carole Littlejohn and Rob PowellJoy Eade in piano heaven on the grand piano with Carole Littlejohn accompanying on the Clavinova CVP-303Carole Littlejohn and Dorothy Waddel playing a lovely duet of "My Prayer"Peter Littlejohn back on galley duties with our host, Maureen Jackson, organizing things in her usual efficient manner.Brian Gunson 'doodling' with Denise Gunson on the grand pianoDenise Gunson stretching-out on the wonderful Yamaha grand pianoBrian Gunson 'doodling' away nicely!SAM_0217Peter Littlejohn (keyboard), Brian Gunson (guitar), Ian Jackson (drums) and Carole Littlejohn (grand piano) jamming away nicelySAM_0223Brian Gunson and Denise Gunson giving the drum kit a work-out and very nicely played too guys.Brian Gunson (guitar), Denise Gunson (drums), Carole Littlejohn (grand piano) and Dave Hallam (Clavinova) jamming nicelyJust to let the 'misses' know he can drum well too, Brian Gunson made a great job of accompanying on the drums.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Club Night 1st March 2011

The evening started with the AGM. This done and dusted the music began. This was primarily a DIY night and we were treated to a great variety of keyboard playing both in instruments and arrangements. The photos and inscriptions tell the story. A big thank you was given to George and Jean Watt for services rendered to the Club over many years as they stood down from the Committee. The President, Gordon Sutherland, presented Jean with a bouquet of flowers as an appreciation.

Des Rouse playing the arrival music                              Len Osbourne playing his Korg Pa500 keyboard

Desiree Barrows playing Len Osbourne's keyboard. Desiree has the same model herself and played very well for her debut at the Club!                          Alan Dadson brought his Yamaha Tyros 3 keyboard and played 6 lovely arrangements for us

Our surprise guest artist, John Perkin, played six great songs for us on our Clavinova. John played with the rhythm/styles very well and had little chance to familiarize with the Clavinova.

Personality, John Stent, played our Clavinova and then his Yamaha PSR900 keyoboard including some great vocals.      SAM_0191