Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Coffee Day at Park Lane Village 18th September 2018

A very nice day was had by one and all - both our members and the residents of this lovely Village. The beautiful Schimmel grand piano was well used and appreciated by the players and the audience! One of the highlights was Peter Jackson and Nelleke Moffat singing together with Rod Moffat playing the accompaniment on his Korg Pa4X (76 note keyboard). The Village chef, Louie, put on a great four part lunch for us as well. A big thank you to Kay Boyes for organizing the Coffee Day for us and to Russ and Kay for manning the front raffle and information desk.

The Photos:

Diane Lyons playing a Korg Pa4X and singing along George Watt playing the Schimmel grand piano

Gordon Sutherland playing his Korg Pa4X Claude Moffat playing the Schimmel grand piano

Roy Steen playing the Schimmel grand piano Audrey Henden playing the Schimmel grand piano

Errol Storey playing the Schimmel grand piano Rod Moffat, accompanying vocalists Nelleke Moffat and Peter Jackson, on his Korg Pa4X

Rod Moffat soloing on his Korg Pa4X Ian Jackson playing the Schimmel grand piano

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Club Night 4th September 2018

We were entertained with some great music. In the first-half Rod Moffat played the arrival music and also gave a performance with Nelleke Moffat on vocals and Rod using his Korg Pa4X (76 note). Also, in the first-half we had Audrey Henden play the Clavinova and Yvonne Moller playing her Korg Pa3X. Thanks guys, excellent presentation.
In the second-half we were entertained by Brian and Denise Gunson as our guest artists. Denise played our Yamaha Clavinova CVP-509 and Brian played his G&L electric guitar. They chose some great numbers and the balance of guitar and piano was terrific. A big thank you to the Committee members and helpers with logistics, door table, kitchen etc.

The Videos:

Brian and Denise Gunson playing at the Club as our Guest Artists on 4th September 2018.

Audrey Henden playing the Club’s Clavinova CVP-509

Yvonne Moller playing her Korg Pa3X on Club Night

Rod & Nelleke Moffat playing at the Club

The Photos:

Rod Moffat provided the arrival music on his Korg Pa4X Yvonne Moller playing her Korg Pa3X

Audrey Henden playing the Clavinova Rod and Nelleke Moffat played for us - Rod on his Korg Pa4X and Nelleke on vocals

  Brian Gunson gave us a solo on his guitar Brian and Denise Gunson wer our guest artists. Brian on his G&L electric guitar and Denise playing the Clavinova

Denise gave some solos and some great duets with Brian on his electric guitar.