Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Special Club Night 6th December 2016

What a great way to finish the Club's year with a splendid Christmas extravaganza. A change of venue just for this month saw us at the luxurious Knightsbridge Village. Arrival music was nicely done by Audrey Henden on digital piano. Five of our senior members then entertained us for half-an-hour each to give us a feast of wonderful and varied styles of music. First up, Peter Jackson entertained us on his Yamaha PSR-S950 keyboard with vocals and jokes thrown-in to the mix. Next, Taka Iida gave us a mini-concert on his lovely Electone two-manual keyboard - wonderful skill and magnificent arrangements. After a scrumptious refreshments break including the traditional mince pies, we were entertained by Rob and Barbara Powell. Barbara on the Tyros 5 and Rob on the Tyros 5 and a digital piano for the duets. To finish the evening, and all the way from New Plymouth, Jeanette Harding gave us a great mini-concert of varied styles and including vocals on occasions. Well done one and all. A lot of effort goes into choosing appropriate pieces to play and then to get them honed to perfection!
The Christmas Hamper Raffle went down very well, with 16 prizes on offer. Thanks to our members for the donations of food and drink to make up the buckets. Also, a special thanks to Colin Crann for making 6 wood-turned musical novelty pieces for the raffle.
A special thanks to Delyse Whorwood, our Secretary, who had spent the last 3 months accumulating and preparing the Hampers as well as doing a splendid job in the catering department.
We are also grateful to Committee Member, Margaret Black, for arranging the venue for us this month as a double booking meant we had to change location for this one Club Night.
The Committee of the NSOKC takes this opportunity to wish all our members and online followers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy/Prosperous/and Healthy New Year. Thanks to our members for their patronage during the year and we hope to bring lots more musical adventures in 2017.
The Videos:
Takashi ‘Taka’ Iida playing on Club Night at The North Shore Organ and Keyboard Club.
Jeanette Harding playing on Club Night at The North Shore Organ and Keyboard Club. Jeanette is using her Korg Pa3X arranger/keyboard.
Rob and Barbara Powell playing on Club Night. They are using their Yamaha Tyros 5 (76 note version) together with a Korg SP-250 digital piano.
The Photos:
Audrey Henden played the arrival music on a Korg SP-250 digital piano. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons. Peter Jackson got the evening off to a great start with a mixture of keyboard, vocals and jokes! Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.
Taka Iida played his portable Electone keyboard for us. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons. Some of the ten Christmas Hamper Raffle buckets. There was also 6 hand-turned music based wooden jars and trays kindly donated by Colin Crann. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.
Rob and Barbara Powell played some solos and some duets for us. They brought along their 76 note Tyros 5. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons. Jeanette Harding finished the evening for us playing her Korg Pa3X. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.