Monday, April 18, 2011

Coffee Day 18th April 2011

A Coffee Day and a half! 25 members turned-up for a fantastic day of music with so much variety of styles of play and instruments to choose from. There was plenty of jam sessions up to 6 keyboards to choose from and even an electric guitar on hand! Members had the opportunity to see the brand new Korg Pa3X arranger keyboard for the first time in NZ courtesy of the Roger Smith and the Music Planet music stores.

Thank you Peter for being such a wonderful host and thanks to everybody for all the wonderful eats available for the luncheon banquet and sharing the music - we are blest in the Club with such a surfeit of superb musicians.

Brian Gunson (guitar), Denise Gunson (piano) and Peter Brophy on keyboard jamming

Colin Crann playing the Yamaha PSR S-910 of Alan Wilkins Members relaxing to the music Our Coffe Day host, Peter Brophy playing his Korg Pa800

Enjoying the occasion Enjoying Colin Crann's music Denise Gunson playing Peter Brophy's Korg SP250 digital pianoBrian Gunson "doodlng along" with the music SAM_0304 Peter Brophy (right) jamming with Roy SteenDelyse Whorwood and Pauline Beales (right) preparing the 'banquet' Brain Gunson (guitar), Denise Gunson, Peter Brophy and Roy Steen in foreground preparing their next song Then there was 5! Brian Gunson (guitar) Denise Gunson (piano), Peter Brophy (keyboard), Roy Steen (keyboard) and Peter Littlejohn foreground (keyboard) having a great jam sessionNgaire McRae playing the Korg SP250 digital piano Pam Rea setting-up the latest Korg arranger keyboard - the Pa3X Desiree Barrows playing the latest Korg arranger keyboard, the Pa3XPeter Jackson trying out the vocal harmonizer on the latest Korg Pa3X keyboard with Peter Littlejohn accompanying on a Technics KN-6500   SAM_0314   Peter Littlejohn putting the new Korg Pa3X arranger keyboard through its paces 

     SAM_0318                        SAM_0317

 The mix of players kept changing. Here we have Brian Gunson (guitar), Jim Nicholson (piano), John Beales (keyboard), Roy Steen  (keyboard), and foreground Peter Littlejohn on keyboard

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Prescott Club Concert 13th April 2011

As part of the Club's Community Music Programme, it was with much pleasure that North Shore Organ and Keyboard Club members: George Watt; John Beales; and Gordon Sutherland  played for the Age Concern Prescott Club. Our MC was Club Events Manager, Peter Brophy. The audience seemed to like the variety of music played and particularly were intrigued with the lovely sounds that the very latest state-of-the-art Korg Pa3X keyboard demonstrated. This is only one of two of these magnificent instruments in the Country at the moment (whilst Korg are in initial production build-up). The keyboard was loaned courtesy of the Korg distributors, South Pacific Music Distributors Ltd.

Gordon Sutherland playing the very latest Korg Pa3X arranger keyboard.          George Watt playing some lively medleys

Paul showing his dexterity with his multi-fork balancing act          John Beales played his Korg Pa500 for the appreciative Prescott Club members

Meanwhile, Paul continues his amazing balancing tricks!          The appreciative Prescott Club members enjoying the concert


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Club Night 5th April 2011

The large audience were treated to a great night's entertainment with some of our talented members in the first half and capped in the second-half by our special guest artist, Louise Lamb who played our Clavinova to perfection. Louise arranged her concert in chronological order working through from the 1920’s through to the 1950’s and choosing a tasteful selection of jazz classics. Wonderful dexterity on the keys and a refreshingly new arrangements created by Louise.

Members generously contributed funds for the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal which will be combined with donations from the Creative Keyboard Club of Browns Bay and the Hibiscus Organ and Keyboard Club and submitted to the Red Cross Appeal Fund.

Two very nice raffle prizes were: Bottle of Pinot Noir wine won by Yvonne and Colin Crann and a leather wallet won by Len and Jesse Osbourne.

A big thank you to Sylvia Riddell and Yvonne Crann for handling the door entry duties for the evening. As always acknowledgement has to be made for the behind the scenes preparation work organized by the Committee.

Peter Brophy stepped-in to cover the arrivals music and did a great job of it too! Photo courtesy of Delyse Whorwood                 Yvonne Moller, played four great arrangements for us on her Korg Pa1X keyboard

Club Treasurer, played three lovely arrangements for us on the Clavinova                  John Beales played some great songs for us on his Korg Pa500 keyboard. Seen here on the Big Screen

                                     Barbara McNab dazzled us with her great styles and arrangements on the Clavinova

Our guest artist, Louise Lamb, thrilled us with her unique arrangements of some  jazz classics from the first half of the 20th Century.  Our very special guest artist, Louse Lamb, in full flight on the Club's Clavinova CVP-509           

                 President, Gordon Sutherland, thanking Louise Lamb for her wonderful concert