Friday, November 26, 2010

Care & Craft Concert 26th November 2010

When Daphne Markwick, Supervisor for the local wing of The Care & Craft Centres of New Zealand Trust, asked if we could entertain their members for their Xmas Party we were very pleased to accept. The members of the Care & Craft Group meet at The Lady Allum Retirement Home in Milford. Peter Brophy, Peter Jackson, Roy Steen and Gordon Sutherland were the contributors for the event with lots of Christmas carols sung and seasonal songs played to the delight of the Care & Craft members. We were kindly invited to share lunch with the Group after the Concert which lasted about 75 minutes.

Peter Brophy playing his Yamaha PSR-910 for the Care & Craft membersRoy Steen playing his Roland keyboardPeter Jackson crooning away for the Care & Craft members 

           Gordon Sutherland playing for the Care & Craft members                        Peter Brophy talking with the Craft & Care Supervisor, Daphne Markwick

The Care & Craft members enjoying their Xmas Party

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Prescott Club 24th November 2010

It was the Club's pleasure to play for the Prescott Club at St Joseph's Church Hall, Takapuna for an hour as a pre-luncheon concert. Members playing were Denise Gunson, John Beales, Gordon Sutherland and the MC was Peter Brophy. We were joined by Chris Larking. It is so wonderful that professional musicians like Denise and Chris are prepared to take time out of their busy schedules to participate in our Community Music Programme.

Denise Gunson thrilling the Prescott Club members with her lovely style of play. Whilst our Events Manager, Peter Brophy, takes a break                           Denise Gunson made the St Joseph's Church piano sound like a concert grand!

               John Beales playing his Korg Pa500 for the attentive audience                              John Beales playing his Korg Pa500 to the pleasure of the attentive Prescott Club members

Chris Larking playing the piano whilst fellow pianist Denise Gunson watches on with interest                           Chris Larking giving John Beales Korg Pa500 a 'whirl'

                Prescott Club members enjoying Chris Larking play the piano for the North Shore Organ and Keyboard Club                             Jesse Rood visualizing the music being played by Denise Gunson of North Shore Organ and Keyboard Club

The Management Team for the Prescott Club. From left to right: Leslie; Wendy; and Ngaire with Peter Brophy from the North Shore Organ and Keboard Club. Take a bow ladies you do a great service to the Community!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Coffee Day 15th November 2010

What a great Coffee Day. Weather started dodgy but turned into a gorgeous day for us to enjoy the finger food lunch in the sun-soaked back courtyard. About 23 Club members enjoyed the day of good music, good company and good cuisine. With the choice of an acoustic piano, EL90 Electone organ, Yamaha PSR-710 keyboard and a Korg Pa1X keyboard there was every opportunity to express ourselves. A big thank you to Jack and Phyl Briscoe for opening up their lovely home to the Club members for a memorable Coffee Day.

Club Treasurer, Jim Nicholson, enjoying Phyl Briscoe's lovely Schimmel pianoSkip Eade enjoying the Korg Pa1X. He was playing along to an mp3 file of "I love You Because" replete with vocals over.Ngaire Lonergan, playing Phyl Briscoe's super new Yamaha PSR-710The feast!Colin Crann played the Schimmel with great feelingBarbara Powell enjoying the Yamaha PSR-710Our host, Phyl Briscoe (left) duetting with Marlene Forrest on some lovely Christmas carolsRob Powell enjoying the Yamaha Electone EL90 organPeter Littlejohn coming to grips with the mighty Electone EL90George Watt enjoying the lovely sounding Schimmel acoustic pianoDorothy Waddel showing her piano talents on the SchimmelMaster of all keyboard mediums, Rob Powell, putting the Yamaha PSR-710 through its pacesAlan Wilkins checking his pieces before entertaining us on the Yamaha PSR-710Peter Brophy giving the PSR-710 a whirlRob Powell (left) jamming with Peter BrophyKen Mahy playing the Korg Pa1X - the lessons are starting to pay-off Ken - nice playing!Michael Bramley gave us an extended play on the Yamaha PSR-710. He has recently purchased a PSR-910 himself and so would have felt 'at home' on this instrumentJohn Beales enjoying the Korg Pa1X. John has a Korg Pa500 himself

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Club Night 2nd November 2010

A record attendance of members and visitors were rewarded with an absolutely absorbing evening of music. The evening started with a DVD presentation of the Club's Clavinova being played by Glynn Madden of the UK. A few UTube video clips were shown at the start of proceedings also which had the house rolling about with laughter! Then, a Japanese visitor, Mayu Murakami, played our Clavinova with two popular Japanese ballads. Yvonne Moller then entertained us on her lovely Korg Pa1X keyboard and followed by Marlene Forrest on the Clavinova - well played ladies. To finish the first-half, Alan Dadson, played three pieces on the Technics GA3 organ and then a piece of the Clavinova - nicely played Alan and thanks for all the pre-work to become familiar with our GA3.

Mayu Murakami playing the Yamaha Clavinova CVP-509                         Yvonne Moller playing her Korg Pa1X

Marlene Forrest playing the Clavinova

Alan Dadson playing the Techncis GA3                               Alan Dadson playing the Clavinova

The Second-half of the evening was passed-over to our special guest artists, Darren Smith (National Retail Manager for MusicWorks) and Murray Hancox (Piano/keyboard Manager at Atwaters MusicWorks, Hobson Street, Auckland City), Wow, did they turn-on a fantastic concert with a great selection and variety of songs that also brought-out the gorgeous sounds and styles that the Clavinova CVP-509 is capable of as well as the magnificent newly released Yamaha Tyros 4. These magnificent instruments can be further inspected at Atwaters Musicworks, Hobson Street, Auckland City where Murray Hancox is the Piano/Keyboard Manager (Phone: (09) 303 1919).

Guest artist Darren Smith playing the Yamaha Clavinova CVP-509                  Darren Smith playing the pre-release version of the new Yamaha Tyros 4

Guest artist Murray Hancox playing the pre-release verson of the latest Yamaha Tyros 4                 Guest artist Murray Hancox playing the Yamaha Clavinova CVP-509

To finish the concert, Murray Hancox and Darren Smith played some songs as duets              To finish the concert, Murray Hancox and Darren Smith played some songs as duets. As an encore, Murray and Darren played some Rock'N Roll that brought the house down!

A big thank you to the Committee and support members for making the evening go so smoothly and oh how the Big Screen facilitates a grand-stand view from anywhere in the House. Supper was provided by Alan Wilkins and support members - thanks Alan for stepping into the breach whilst Delyse Whorwood recovers from surgery.