Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Club’s Christmas Party at Fairview Lifestyle Village

What a great way to finish off a wonderful year of musical adventures both on Club Nights, Coffee Days, Community Music Days at lifestyle villages and musical daytrips to such places at Piha RSA! Our Christmas Party this year was held at Fairview Lifestyle Village, Fairview Heights, Albany where many of our members are residents of this lovely Village. 
Santa guarding the three raffle prizes on offer from the Entry Desk. A big thank you to Diane Lyons for choosing and wrapping the presents so nicely. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.Festivities started at 2.30 pm and carried on until 5 pm with members playing their keyboards or the grand piano and to a sizable audience of members and residents. Happy Hour between 5.00 pm and 6.00 pm saw our special guest artists play for us - firstly, Denise Gunson and then Ben Fernandez. They certainly bring out the best in the lovely grand piano in the Village's luxurious lounge.
At 6.15 pm we enjoyed a  magnificent BBQ from the creativity of Fairview's gourmet chef, we had about 42 members participating in the BBQ and about 25 residents.
Come 7.00 pm we were back into the music with Len Hancy and Mary Barrett giving us a great 25 minute mini-concert. Next up Kevin and Jan Johnston gave us some rousing upbeat music to get the feet tapping and the dancers up on the ballroom floor. To finish off the evening, an impromptu band gave us some great dance music and jazz singing provided by Len Hancy (and occasional strains from Margaret Black!). The band consisted of Len Hancy (vocals), Jan Johnston (keyboard), Kevin Johnston (acoustic guitar), Peter Brophy (keyboard) and Sandi Crawford (keyboard) and Jim Nicholson (grand piano). They certainly got people up and onto the dance floor!
As always, the NSOKC extends much thanks to the Social Committee of the Village and to the Management. Special thanks to resident, Barbara Bailey for interfacing with the Village and our Events Manager, Diane Lyons - good job all round! A big thank you also to the door staff, Delyse Whorwood, Margaret Black, Peter Littlejohn and Dennis Lyons (who also took the photos as the Club's Official Photographer).
The NSOKC Committee takes this opportunity to extend to all our members and followers a very Happy Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. Hopefully, your Club will put together another great programme of music for 2015.

                Our member from New Plymouth, Jeanette Harding, playing the grand piano and singing for the members and residents.       SAM_2524

Our Events Manager, Diane Lyons (standing), and member, Margaret Black, managing the entry table and issuing raffle tickets. Colleen and John Perkin dueting for the members and residents. Colleen on her Clarinet and John accompanying on grand piano.

            Peter Jackson crooning away for the members and residents.       Peter Jackson playing his Yamaha PSR-S950 for the members and residents.

Jeanette Harding (all the way from New Plymouth on the grand piano, dueting with Gordon Sutherland on his Korg Pa3X. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons. Residents and members of the NSOKC enjoying the music on the dance floor. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

    The Three Musketeers, Diane Lyons, Margaret Black and Barbara Bailey, preparing to organize the BBQ. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Jim Nicholson playing the grand piano making it look consumately easy! Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.    Our singing trio, Peter Jackson, Diane Lyons and Margaret Black. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Diane Lyons and Margaret Black dueting to the delight of the audience. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.     Events Manager, Diane Lyons, playing her Korg Pa900 whilst Margaret Black watches on whilst crewing the Entry Desk. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Roy Steen playing the Korg Pa3X. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.    President, Gordon Sutherland, preparing his Korg Pa3X before playing a few pieces. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Claude Moffat playing the grand piano. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons. Claude Moffat playing the grand piano. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Denise Gunson gave an impromptu but slick nevertheless performance during Happy Hour. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Our very special guest artist, professional musician Ben Fernandez kindly took time from his busy schedule to come and play for us in Happy Hour. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons. 

And the Band played on! Kevin and Jan Johnston with Peter Brophy swinging along. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons. 

Our guest artists, Kevin and Jan Johnston, gave us a great bouncy after dinner concert - certainly got the audience on their feet and heading for the dance floor. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Club Night 2nd December 2014

A very special Christmas Club Night with record numbers of members and visitors attending the evening. With members from as far afield as New Plymouth and Algies Bay in attendance the Club must be doing something right! Great artists performed for us and were given an extended play time of 25 minutes so that they could really stretch-out their musical creativity. A big thank you to the members for all the wonderful donations for our Christmas Hamper Raffle. We had 12 hampers chocker with goodies!

Our Secretary, Delyse Whorwood, also put on a very special supper to celebrate the occasion and Christmas spirit. It was nice to welcome member, Margaret Black, to assisting with door duties - a very vital role to gather in the dollars! Our events manager, Diane Lyons, was busy also in the supper break collecting names for our Christmas Party BBQ to be held at Fairview Lifestyle Village on Saturday afternoon and evening of 13th December 2014. We have Ben Fernandez generously donating his time for the Happy Hour between 5 and 6 pm with members playing between 3 and 5 pm. After the BBQ we will have Band Music to bop along with. Should be an occasion not to miss.

As we come to the end of 2014, the Committee of The North Shore Organ and Keyboard Club take this opportunity of thanking members for their support during the year and wishing one and all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

The Videos:

Jan and Kevin Johnston came all the way from Algies Bay to play for the Club on the evening. Jan playing her Korg Pa1X and Kevin his Crafter acoustic guitar:

Jeanette Harding, a new member this year, came all the way from New Plymouth to make her Club debut on her brand new Korg Pa3X arranger keyboard:

Roy Steen, brought his trusty Korg Pa80 arranger keyboard to play for us on the evening:

The Photos:


Watt     Steen

Harding 2  Harding 1


Denise  Brian

Johnstons  Fernandez

Thank You