Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Prescott Club 24th March 2010

On behalf of the Creative Keyboard Club and the North Shore Organ and Keyboard Club, Gordon Sutherland (President of the North Shore Organ and Keyboard Club), Colleen Kerr (Secretary of the North Shore Organ and Keyboard Club) and George Watt(past-President of the North Shore Organ and Keyboard Club) gave an hour's concert for Age Concern's Prescott Club. Colleen and Gordon played a Korg Pa1X keyboard and George played the Church's acoustic piano.

These concerts are part of both Club's desire to share their music with the community at large.





Colleen Kerr playing the Korg Pa1X keyboard. Colleen played:

Crazy/Up A Lazy River/Frankie and Johnnie/Makin’ Whoopee/It’s De-Lovely







George Watt played two sessions of lively medleys. Certainly got the feet tapping in the audience! Such songs as:
Singing The Blues; Green Door; Cherry Pink and Apple Pie; Sally








Gordon Sutherland played the following songs on his Korg Pa1X keyboard.

All I Have To Do Is Dream; The Carnival Is Over; Tangerine; How Do You Do It; Whispering Pines



Our very special audience, the Prescott Club members of Age Concern enjoying the social occasion and the background music provided.






Monday, March 15, 2010

Coffee Day 15th March 2010

What a terrific Coffee Day!

To augment the resident Yamaha C5 grand piano and drum kit, Peter Littlejohn brought his Korg Pa60 and Barbara McNab her Yamaha Tyros 3 - thanks guys. The President brought his Korg Pa1X for good measure!



 The Silver Swingers with our host Ian Jackson on the drums. Left to right: Barbara Powell; Ian Jackson; Dorothy Waddel; and Rob Powell.





The Coffee Day was attended by some 30 people for the day session and about 20 stayed-on for the evening BBQ and more music. We were pleased to welcome some special artists for the day, namely: Carole Littlejohn; Dave Hallam; Chris Larking; and, The Silver Swingers (Dorothy Waddel, Rob and Barbara Powell). As you would imagine, everybody had a ball what with the opportunity to play such wonderful instruments and be accompanied by professional musicians including our host, Ian Jackson, on the drums. Later in the afternoon it was time for cocktails to relax to some great jamming sessions and then a super BBQ to build the strength up for more great music! Thank you Ian and Maureen (Jackson) for welcoming us to your lovely home and making it such a special day.

There are some 47 photos taken of the day and so far too many to put in this Blog. But if you would like to look at the full complement of photos then go the the Club’s Picasa Web Album Site by clicking on the link below:





Carole Littlejohn, one of our special guests, playing the Yamaha C5 grand piano with Peter Littlejohn (no relation) accompanying on his Korg Pa60.









In the foreground we have one of our special guests, Dave Hallam playing the C5 grand piano and behind him, Gordon Sutherland on his Korg Pa1X. In the background we have Chris Larking on the Korg Pa60. El Presidente (Gordon Sutherland) was made to feel very special playing “Chariots of Fire” accompanied by such esteemed professional musicians! Out of shot, Carole Littlejohn, was accompanying also on the Tyros 3!







 Hidden depths! Here we see Delyse Whorwood (right) accompanying on drums and later Pam Rea (below) showing her talents on drums also. Great stuff ladies!










Barbara McNab playing her beloved Yamaha Tyros 3 and pretty slick with it too!









  Peter Littlejohn playing his Korg pa60 with Ian Jackson on drums and Dave Hallam taking a break at the C5 grand piano.








Chris Larking of Dr Music in the foreground accompanying Gordon Sutherland in the middle with Dave Hallam playing the C5 grand piano. All playing the same song at the same time in the same key – amazing!






Our Secretary, Colleen Kerr, enjoying the Tyros 3 with Ian Jackson supporting on the drums. A big thank you has to go to Colleen as she is the one who organizes Coffee Days for the Club and what a great job she does too!







Barbara Powell playing the Tyros 3 with Rob Powell in the background accompanying on the C5 grand piano and Ian Jackson supporting on drums. Barbara has one of these ‘babies’ at home and so she would have felt very much at home on it.








‘Gentleman Jim’, Jim Nicholson, the Club Treasurer, enjoying a quiet moment on the Yamaha C5 grand piano.







Definitely one of the best supported plays of the day – lunch!









Dorothy Waddel, Barbara Powell and our host, Maureen Jackson. Enjoying the fun and frolics.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Club Night 2nd March 2010

After a progress report in the form of our AGM, the meeting got under way with a DIY evening. We are pleased to welcome Peter Brophy to our Committee and are sure he will make a big contribution with his enthusiasm and organizational skills. Ian Jackson did a great job to get the evening off to a good start with some terrific piano playing for the arrival music. The variety of styles and spread of instruments used made it a very enjoyable evening. DSCF1560We were pleased to welcome Errol Storey to play a cameo for us on our GA3 organ.  Errol is a professional theatre organist and certainly wound the organ up nicely for us. As in previous months, we also had a surprise guest artist from Japan play for us on the Clavinova. Shifumi Iwahana is on a stay in NZ to polish-up her English and was introduced to us by Peter Littlejohn who is acting as her chaperone whilst Shifumi is in NZ. The Club is very fortunate to have such talented members who demonstrated their skill with some lovely music. Barbara Powell won the raffle which was a nice coffee mug, mat and biscuit tray. As always, appreciation is extended to the Committee for making the evening flow so smoothly.



Ian Jackson played the arrival music with a great bluesy feel.





Pam Rea brought her Pa80 along and played some great arrangements







Shifumi Iwahana played a lovely ballad for us. Shifumi is on an education stay from Japan to polish-up her English. Thank you Shifumi for sharing your music with us.










Marlene Forrest, made good use of the arrangements on board the Clavinova to play three lovely songs for us. Very nice, thanks Marlene.





Shifumi Iwahana did a duet with Peter Littlejohn on the Club's Technics GA3 organ. Good stuff.








Colleen Kerr treated us to three great songs on the Clavinova. Very nice as always Colleen.










The Club's professional musician, John Bercich, had his arm twisted to finish off the evening for us with a quick couple of pieces on Pam Rea's Korg Pa80. Superb - as one would expect from a master keyboardist of fifty years experience!