Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Coffee Day at Okura Country Estate 20th February 2018

What a great day! Despite gloomy weather forecasts, the day was sunny and warm and without rain. Lots of good music and good vitals and of course lots to talk about from the holiday break. A big thank you to Dave Winslade for making the lovely Community Hall available to us together with his Yamaha Tyros 4 and speakers.

The Photos:

Roy Steen played his Korg Pa80 with added vocals to delight us!

Peter Jackson brought his amplifier with MP3 player installed so that he could sing-along to professional orchestral backings.

Some of the keyboards as set-up for the day.

Ron Clingin helping Errol Storey to use his Korg Pa80.

Gordon Sutherland playing his Korg Pa4X.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Club Night 6th February 2018

Our first event for calendar 2018 was a Club Night at our Club Rooms. Despite it being Waitangi Day, we had a good turn-out of members and were well rewarded with some great music!
Arrival music was provided by Jim Nicholson on the Clavinova. In the first-half three of our members played for us: Peter Jackson on his Yamaha PSR-S970 together with some vocal renditions; Yvonne Moller on her Korg Pa3X; and Peter Longbottom on his Korg Pa600. Thanks guys very enjoyable.

After a refreshing tea break, we were delighted to welcome back to the Club, Joe Fingers and his wife and musical partner, Jill who provided vocals to some songs - some in English and some lovely ballads sung in Mandarin. Joe played The Bowling Club's old acoustic piano together with his Yamaha PSR-S970. As always Joe and Jill were fantastic entertainment. The Club members even had the opportunity to wish Joe a Happy Birthday for the following day in the usual way!

All in all, a great start to the Club's 2018 calendar of events. A big thank you to all the helpers to make the evening go so smoothly.

The Video:

Our guest artists, Joe and Jill Fingers. Joe is playing his Yamaha PSR-S970 and acoustic piano whilst Jill contributes vocals in both Mandarin and English.

The Photos:

Arrival Music was kindly provided by Jim Nicholson on the Yamaha Clavinova CVP-509. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons. Peter Jackson played his Yamaha PSR-S970 and also did some vocal renditions.

 Yvonne Moller playing her Korg Pa3X for us. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons. Peter Longbottom playing his Korg Pa600. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Jill and Joe Fingers were our guest artists for the evening. Joe played the Bowling Club's piano and his Yamaha PSR-S970. Jill provided the vocals to some songs in both English and Mandarin. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Joe Fingers cracking a joke in between numbers. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons. Joe Fingers preferred to play the 'beat-up' piano belonging to the Bowling Club rather than the Club's Clavinova! He certainly blasted-out the cob-webs! Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Club President, Gordon Sutherland, had the privilege of dancing with Jill Fingers for one of the numbers. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Club President, Gordon Sutherland, thanking Jill and Joe Fingers for a great Concert. The following day happened to be Joe Fingers birthday and so we had the pleasure of singing Happy Birthday to him - hopefully we were in key! Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.