Sunday, January 22, 2017

Coffee Day at Laurie and Joan Conder’s Home 21st January 2017

We weren't going to have a Coffee Day in January (holiday season and all) but when Laurie suggested we hold one at his place in mid-January  we were delighted to swing into gear and make this a very special Coffee Day. And a very special Coffee Day it turned-out to be with a great turn-out of around 40 people from the NSOKC and friends of the Conders. We had some fantastic music played on a variety of instruments and great relaxed conversation and a fab BBQ to boot! We used Laurie's spacious garage for the music but used his dining room and decks for the BBQ luncheon. This was very special to Laurie as he has a progressive illness and so it was great that he could share his lovely home, his great music and his caring wife, Joan, with his musical buddies from the Club.

A big thank you to Joan for setting things up for the Big Day and a special thanks to our Secretary, Delyse Whorwood, who had a big part in the catering arrangements organization with Joan.

A red letter day to be remembered. Thank you Laurie and Joan.

The Photos:

 Laurie planning the big day. Early arrivals, Annabelle and Michael Bramley.

Michael Bramley getting the Coffee Day off to a great start playing his Yamaha PSR-S950. Our Host, Laurie Conder, setting-up a piece to play for us on his Roland BK-9 arranger/keyboard.

Our Host and Guest of Honour, Laurie Conder, playing his beloved Roland BK-9 arranger/keyboard.

Members getting ready for a great Coffee Day. Gordon Sutherland, playing his Korg Pa4X using his Samsung 12" tablet for reading the scores. Photo courtesy of Delyse Whorwood.

Our Events Manager, Diane Lyons, playing her Yamaha PSR-3000. Photo courtesy of Delsye Whorwood. Denise Gunson giving Laurie's Roland BK-9 a whirl.

Jan and Kevin Johnston gave us a mini-concert. Kevin on his Crafter acoustic guitar and Jan on her trusty Korg Pa1X. They came all the way from Algies Bay to share the Day. Audrey Henden playing Laurie's Roland BK-9.

Roy Steen on Korg Pa4X and Audrey Henden on Roland BK-9 for a jam session.

Joan and Laurie Conder sharing a special moment. Photo courtesy of Delyse Whorwood.

Joan and Laurie Conder sharing a special moment. Photo courtesy of Delyse Whorwood.

Joan and Laurie Conder sharing a special moment.