Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Coffee Day at the Powell’s Home

Coffee Day this month was at the beautiful home of our members, Rob and Barbara Powell. About 18 members turned-up for a great day with lots of wonderful instruments to play and a lovely finger-food luncheon. With the latest Yamaha Clavinova CVP-709 and the latest Yamaha Tyros 5 there was plenty of choices for those wishing to share their music. Even our organist fans, could play with the Yamaha Electone two-manual organ!

Thank you so much Rob and Barbara for hosting Coffee Day at your lovely home.

The Photos:

Members relaxing in Rob and Barbara's lounge.

Dennis Lyons giving the Yamaha Clavinova CVP-709 a whirl.

A great spread for luncheon.

Our host, Barbara Powell, playing her Yamaha Tyros 5. Diane Lyons joining Barbara with vocals.

Claude Moffat enjoying some improvisation on the Yamaha Clavinova CVP-709. Our host, Rob Powell, playing his brand new Yamaha Clavinova CVP-709 for us.

Audrey Hendon playing the Yamaha Clavinova CVP-709. Roy Steen giving the Yamaha Tyros 5 a good work-out.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Club Night 1st August 2017

What a great turn-out for a splendid night of music by our members. Lots of variety of instruments and genres of play. The evening started with Rod Moffat playing the arrival music on his Korg Pa4X (76 note version) and followed by: Audrey Henden (piano); Skip Eade (Korg Pa1X);  Claude Moffat (piano); and Claudette Wheeler (piano). After the raffle and a tea break we were entertained by Roy Steen who brought along his two Korg arranger keyboards - a Pa80 and a Pa300.  As always with Roy, we were treated to a musical feast of sounds, styles and technique - thank you very much Roy.

The Videos:

Roy Steen and Audrey Henden (our August guest artists). Roy is playing his Korg Pa80 and his Pa300.

Audrey Henden playing on Club Night using the Club’s Yamaha Clavinova CVP-509

The Photos:

Audrey Henden joined Roy Steen for a few songs with a theme of Paris. Audrey even sang in French!

Rob Moffat playing his Korg Pa4X (76 note version) for the arrival music. Claudette Wheeler playing the Clavinova CVP-509.

Skip Eade playing his Korg Pa1X. Claude Moffat playing the Clavinova CVP-509.

Audrey Henden playing the Clavinova CVP-509

Our guest artist, Roy Steen, playing his Korg Pa80 and Korg Pa300. Great music thanks Roy.