Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Coffee Day at Algies Bay 17th February 2015

As with last year, another lovely day at Jan and Kevin Johnston's beautiful home for The North Shore Organ and Keyboard Club's Coffee Day. We had 30 attendees for a great lunch and then about the same number for a BBQ dinner. We had about 9 keyboards operational and lots of good music, good food, good camaraderie and fantastic weather! Thank you Jan and Kevin for sharing your lovely home and all the hard work preparing for the Coffee Day and making it go so smoothly.

1_SAM_2565 Diane Lyons playing and singing along as she uses the Korg Pa3X. Rob Powell and Gordon Sutherland help with the set-up for Diane as this is not her model of Korg. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons. Rob Powell and Roy Steen watching-on as Rob plays Peter Herrick's Tyros 5.Rou Steen and Peter Jackson enjoying the music. Some of the guests relaxing under the marquis and enjoying the music. More guests and members relaxing under the marquis.Bikkies and drinks on tap all day - very civilized! John Beales playing Gordon Sutherland's Korg Pa3X. Karen Steen enjoying a moment with husband, Roy, who is playing his Korg Pa80.Richard looks on as Brian Teviotdale sets-up his Technics KN7000 with a midi pedalboard configuration. Barbara Powell playing the Tyros 5 whilst hubbie, Rob, accompanies on the Korg SP-250 digital piano. Any connection to John Belushi of The Blues Brothers fame is denied! Barbara Powell working the Tyros 5 nicely.Peter Jackson crooning in his indomitable style. Member, Peter Wilton on guitar and fellow vocalist, Jeffrey, singing along. Peter Wilton brought his Casio WK220 along to play and sing along to. Peter Herrick playing his Tyros 5 - Peter likes to get the audiences feet tapping! Jan Moller playing her Korg Pa1X. Kevin and Jan Johnston accompanied by Jeanette and watched-on by Rob Powell.  
              After a great BBQ dinner we had some great desserts!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Club Night 3rd February 2015

Our first Club Night for 2015 and for something a little different, we had a 'hands-on DIY' session where we had seven of our members play for up to 20 minutes each. Some great music and great variety of styles and genres. All in all a lovely evening of music. The ceiling fans and windows were put to good use with the warm barmy weather! Next month we have a guest artist to play for us in the second-half - Rod Moffat who has not played for our Club before. Another evening to look forward to.

A big thank you to the Committee for organising the evening and making things flow nice and smoothly.

Highlighted Video Player for the evening, Peter Herrick, making his Club Night debut on his Yamaha Tyros 5:

The Photos:

Jim Nicholson played for us on the Clavinova CVP-509 and also did a great job on the arrival music. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.     Our Events Manager, Diane Lyons, played and sang using her Korg Pa900. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Warren Levick played the Clavinova for us. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.     Michael Bramley played his Yamaha PSR-S950 for us. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Ian Jackson played our Clavinova CVP-509 for us. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.     Peter Herrick played his Tyros 5 for us. Although he has played at our Community Music Days/Coffee Days previoulsy, this was his Club debut! So jolly well done Peter on some great music. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Peter Jackson played, sung and cracked some jokes in between! Peter brought his Yamaha PSR-S950 keyboard. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.