Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Party 14th December 2009

Words fail to describe what a wonderful day we all had courtesy of our generous host, Peter Brophy.  The day started at 10.30 am and carried on until about 11 pm. Culminating in a stDSCF1504arlight swim in the pool. In the meantime over 40 Club members and guests enjoyed the day with a great lunch and then a magnificent BBQ for dinner. It goes without saying that there was some incredible music played over the twelve hours and some fun jamming sessions with up to six piece bands improvising away to great effect. Thanks to all who participated and brought their gear. Particular thanks to John Bercich for bringing his Trixon Vibraphone; Ian Jackson for bringing one of his drum kits; Barbara and Rob Powell for bring their Tyros 3; and also, Kane Steves of Orewa Music, for loaning us the magnificent Korg Pa588 piano (and turning-up for a while to give us a great cameo). A day to go down in the memory banks as something really special.

Above: Carol Littlejohn, Ian Jackson and host Peter Brophy

Thanks you Peter for a wonderful day and thanks also to the Committee for all their hard work in facilitating this great Christmas Party.




Rob Powell, Ken Mahy and Peter Brophy









Peter Brophy and Joy Eade








Colleen Kerr, Jim Nicholson, Colin Crann, Yvonne Crann, Dorothy Waddel and Barbara Powell enjoying the music








 Trevor Waddel, Ngaire Lonergan, Ngaire McRae and Peter Littlejohn relaxing in the luxurious surroundings








 Ken Mahy, Peter Brophy, Joy Eade and Alan Wilkins









Rob Powell, Ken Mahy, Peter Brophy and Joy Eade









The three ‘galley’ tenors! Peter Brophy, Gordon Sutherland and Peter Littlejohn. Peter showing-off his trademark Pavlova. Who says guys are not good in the kitchen?






  Lunch is served!











Carol Littlejohn, Peter Brophy and Jim Nicholson









Barbara Powell, Ian Jackson, Rob Powell and Dorothy Waddel gave a mini concert for about 15 minutes – nicely presented.









Barbara Powell, Ian Jackson, Rob Powell, Carol Littlejohn, Peter Brophy and Dorothy Waddel










The ‘Full Monty’ – Barbara Powell, Ian Jackson, Rob Powell, Peter Brophy, Carol Littlejohn and Dorothy Waddel – amazing improvisation.









Peter Brophy, Ngaire Lonergan and Carol Littlejohn








 Peter Jackson, Peter Littlejohn, Kane Steves and Carol Littlejohn. Kane Steves of Music Planet Orewa made a cameo appearance having kindly lent us the superb Korg Pa588 full 88 weighted note portable ensemble piano (seen in the foreground)









Ian Jackson having a rest from the drums and showing his talents on piano











Club Secretary, Colleen Kerr making lovely music on the Korg pa588 portable piano










Ian Jackson, Peter Brophy, Sklp Eade and Carol Littlejohn providing the vocals. You can see John Bercich’s Trixon Vibraphone being set-up for a session after the BBQ.






Carol Gordon Kane and Shikira




Carol Littlejohn and Gordon Sutherland vocalizing with Kane Steves on the piano and his daughter taking a keen interest in the activities!

Photo courtesy of Peter Littlejohn











Gordon Sutherland, Delyse Whorwood and Ken Mahy taking a refreshing dip in Peter Brophy’s lovely pool.

Photo courtesy of Colleen Kerr











Guest, Dave Hallam gave us a terrific session on the Korg piano accompanied by Ian Jackson. Wow – amazing music guys.










John Bercich playing his fantastic Trixon Vibraphone and accompanied by one of John’s students, Jan Johnston on the Korg keyboard together with Kevin Johnston on the guitar.









Hidden talents! Committee member, Delyse Whorwood, giving the drums a good rattle – impressive! Whilst Peter Littlejohn watches with admiration and Peter Brophy grooving along with the music provided by John Bercich and band. Peter reckons it has been ten years since he has done any dancing.








Gayle and Peter Brophy showing some slick steps as they dance to John Bercich, Jan Johnston and Kevin Johnston on guitar










Maureen Jackson enjoying the cool music with Joy Eade in the foreground.
Photo courtesy of Colleen Kerr










Carol Littlejohn and Jim Nicholson
Photo courtesy of Colleen Kerr














Joy Eade and Gordon Sutherland enjoying the occasion.
Photo courtesy of Colleen Kerr









Carol Littlejohn and host Peter Brophy enjoying the music from the ‘band’.
Photo courtesy of Colleen Kerr









 And the band played on! John Bercich on keyboard, Kevin Johnston on guitar and Jan Johnston with the castanets
Photo courtesy of Colleen Kerr










Jessica and Alita Bercich and Ken Mahy and Desiree Barrows enjoying the evening. Photo courtesy of Colleen Kerr













Our host Peter Brophy taking a rest with Jan Johnston taking a break from the keyboard.
Photo courtesy of Colleen Kerr












Carol Littlejohn playing the Tyros.
Photo courtesy of Colleen Kerr

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Club Night 1st December 2009

The last Club Night of the year and what a great evening it turned-out to be. DSCF1488  The fun and frolics just kept on coming so the evening extended half-an-hour from 7.30 pm until 10.30 pm. A packed house was entertained in the first half by some great piano and keyboard playing courtesy of our Members and after a delightful supper and visit by Mrs. Claus, we were magnificently entertained by consummate professional keyboard player, John Bercich. John brought his Korg Pa1X arranger keyboard together with his Trixon Vibraphone and light show to give us a spectacular finale to what has been a wonderful year of musical indulgence. We are fortunate to have the likes of John Bercich as an enthusiastic Member of our Club as this gives us inspiration to continue pushing our musical boundaries. 
A big thank you to the Committee for making the evening (and the year for that matter!) go so well and a special thanks to George and Jean Watt for all their work on preparing the Xmas Hampers for the raffle - they looked splendid all nine of them! Thanks go to our Members also for their magnificent generosity in donating all the wonderful treats that packed the Hampers.




Alan Wilkins played the arrival music for us on his lovely Yamaha PSR S900 keyboard







 Dorothy Waddel played three lovely arrangements on our Clavinova






 Len Osbourne has found a new musical ‘lease of life’ with his brand new Korg Pa500 arranger keyboard







 Barbara McNab made good use of the foot pedal to give us some slick style and sound changes as she played her three very nice arrangements. It helps I guess to own one of these ‘babies’ for pre-practice!








Peter Jackson brought his Korg Pa1X keyboard which he had pre-prepared some Xmas songs that he then sang along with. What a wonderful smooth crooner-type voice Peter has and his jokes were pretty good too!








Last, but not least, to finish the first-half of the programme, Club Secretary, Colleen Kerr played three very nice pieces in straight piano style including Chopin’s “Polonaise”.








Mrs. Claus paid a visit in the interval (Santa was very busy making deliveries in the Northern Hemisphere) and lots of sweet treats were liberally handed-out. Thanks to Jeanette Beamish for her wonderful efforts in this regard. Jeanette advises that she has had the Santa outfit since she was 17 years of age – just a few years ago!






Former Club President, George Watt, showing-off some of the 9 Hampers that he and Jean had collected, stored, packed and presented for us. Thank you George and Jean for a wonderful job as always. A big thank you to our Club Members for their generosity in donating these wonderful gifts.








 John Bercich, our guest artist, playing his favoured Korg Pa1X arranger keyboard






Above: John Bercich on his Trixon Vibraphone whilst Jan Johnston plays along with her Korg Pa1X. Jan has been a student of John’s for a couple of years and wow what a difference learning from a master!


Above: John Bercich and student Jan Johnston duetting. They used two different rhythms and played them in sync to great effect.

             JB and GBS

Club President, Gordon Sutherland, thanking John Bercich for his great Concert. Photo courtesy of Club Secretary, Colleen Kerr.








Monday, November 16, 2009

Coffee Day 16th November 2009

What a great Coffee Day! With 22 members enjoying the hospitality of Rob and Barbara Powell at their lovely Henderson home. 180 It must be a record as we had 3 keyboards brought along to augment the resident Clavinova, Tyros 3 keyboard and Electone EL15 organ! fantastically talented members, great food, good conversation and clement weather - what more could one ask for on Coffee Day. We were pleased to welcome new Club members, Joy Eade, who soon felt at home as she got stuck into the lovely Clavinova. Joy plays a large repertoire from memory. It was really stimulating listening to five keyboard being played together, especially the Christmas carols. Thank you Rob and Barbara for opening your home for us and making it such a great day for one and all.

Above Photo: Hosts Rob and Barbara Powell


Ian Jackson on the Clavinova whilst Joy Eade and Colleen Kerr watch on 







New member, Joy Eade feeling at home on the Clavinova.








Peter Brophy brought his Technics KN6500 keyboard








Colleen Kerr at home on this magnificent Clavinova









Ngaire McRae absorbed in her play








Phyl Briscoe enjoying the EL15 organ









Ken Mahy playing the Tyros 3








Roy Evans absorbed in the Clavinova and the music









June McCrorie enjoying the EL15 organ








George Watt playing the Clavinova










Host, Barbara Powell playing her lovely Tyros 3









Host for the day, Rob Powell playing his Yamaha Electone EL15 organ








Alan Wilkins playing along with his Yamaha PSR S900 keyboard with Peter Brophy on his keyboard (top left) and Jim Nicholson playing the Clavinova (top right)








Rob Powell on the Tyros 3 accompanying Phyl Briscoe on the EL15 organ





161         170

      Above: Some of the members enjoying the occasion