Monday, August 17, 2009

Coffee Day 17th August 2009

Coffee Day at the Evans' beautiful home in Campbells Bay - just strides away from the sparkling Hauraki Gulf beach. With 27 attendees plus Brodie the resident host dog, this had to be close on a record attendance. How could you not wish to attend such a great occasion with the veritable feast of magnificent keyboards to play or just relax and listen to. We were not disappointed with everything from Bach to the Beatles all compressed into about 5 hours of musical bliss! Thank you Roy and Evelyn for sharing your lovely home with the Club. Evelyn also very generously donated some great items for the Club Night raffles - very much appreciated Evelyn. It was good that Doug Farr could be with us on a business day and play some great music for us.




Our host, Roy Evans, playing his Clavinova piano








Roy Evans playing his magnificent Rodgers for us







Surrealistic! Another shot of Roy playing his Rodgers - "Let the Sun shine in"







Roy with the 'boss' Brodie dancing with the music









Colin Crann with some nice arrangements on the Clavinova







Pam Rea giving the Korg Pa1X a whirl









 Skip Eade making great music on the Korg









 Dorothy Waddel with great touch and arrangements on the Clavinova









Peter Brophy playing the Korg









Doug Farr familiarizing with the Clavinova








Jim Nicholson played some great arrangements on the Clavinova








Alan Wilkins playing the Tyros 3 with Rob Powell and Peter Brophy showing keen interest in the proceedings.





DSCF1369 DSCF1370

Colleen Kerr played the Clavinova and the Korg beautifully as always





Ngaire McRae is a great sight reader and played very nicely for us










June McCrorie tackling this 'big baby' Rodgers - well done June!









George Watt feeling at home on the Rodgers










Ngaire Lonergan enjoyed playing the Tyros 3









Gordon Sutherland on his Korg Pa1X











Rob Powell at one with the Clavinova






DSCF1355 DSCF1356





Snapshots of some of the members relaxing to the great music and lovely surroundings of Roy and Evelyn's home





Apologies to any players that did not get photographed as a result of all the excitement and distractions of the day.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Club Night 4th August 2009

Members were treated to a wonderful variety of music on this mid-winter Club Night. Despite many apologies for being unable to attend, about 35 members and visitors were 'wined and dined' with some great music! DSCF1032 The evening started off with the arrival music played by Ian Jackson with his inimitable jazz/blues style on the Clavinova - a great way to get the enthusiasm flowing.

Ian Jackson doing the 'honours' for the arrival music. Lovely to hear as always Ian. Great blues feel.





Next up Alan Wilkins played his Tyros 2 keyboard to a lively boogie beat and followed by George Watt on the Clavinova and then on the GA3 organ - nice selection George.




 Alan Wilkins playing his Tyros 2 to a lively boogie beat.






 DSCF1348          DSCF1349

Above: George Watt with his usual polished performance. It was great to hear the lovely sound of the GA3 as George put it through its paces.

Next came Jim Nicholson who showed-off his knowledge of the Clavinova by  using some great style arrangements to accompany his excellent choice of pieces.



Jim Nicholson on the Clavinova CVP-305. Terrific choice of styles to complement the great selection of songs.





To finish off the first half, Peter Jackson played and sang along with his Korg Pa1X and as always couldn't resist some non-PC jokes that had us rolling in the aisles.




Peter Jackson delighted us with his playing, songs and jokes.





The raffle was won by Ian Jackson, a large size torch and battery set - just the job for dark winter's nights.

The second half saw our member and for the evening our guest artist, John Stent, entertain us on the Clavinova. This is always a treat to hear John create on-the-fly his own arrangements of songs in his jazz style of play. Tony Vinton joined John for a few duets. Tony brought his Yamaha PSR 9000 along and the combination of orchestral voices on the PSR 9000 and the piano from the Clavinova made for pleasant listening. Thanks all for a great night which carried-on until about 10.15pm due to John's enthusiasm. As he said, by the end of the evening his fingers were just warming up!






John Stent during his hour-long performance. Really giving the Clavinova a good work-out. Wonderful stuff John.







As always, the Club extends its thanks to the Committee for their enthusiasm and dedication to making the Club Nights such great fun.