Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Prescott Club 24th June 2009

On behalf of the Creative Keyboard Club and the North Shore Amateur Organ and Keyboard Club, Gordon Sutherland, George Watt and Colleen Kerr gave an hour's concert for Age Concern's Prescott Club. Colleen and George played the Church's piano and Gordon brought along his Tyros keyboard. The Prescott Club attendees certainly enjoyed the variety of music offered. Well done team for getting out there amongst the people as part of both Clubs' efforts to 'Bring Music to the Community".




George Watt got the show or the road by playing a lively medley of songs both in the first half of the show and then the second half. Plenty of foot tapping from the appreciative Prescott Club members.






Gordon Sutherland's first session included two pieces by The Shadows:
'Wonderful Land" and "Apache"
followed by
The Kinks "Sunny Afternoon"

For the second half, Gordon played:
"Green Fields" and
"Bridge Over Troubled Water"

Photo courtesy of Colleen Kerr




Colleen Kerr played in her first session:
"Crazy" and

"Lazy River"
followed in the second half with:
"Moonlight Serenade" and
"I'm In The Mood For Love"

Very polished and much enjoyed by the audience.







George Watt amused the audience with a great joke whilst Gordon was setting-up for his second session.

Photo courtesy of Colleen Kerr

And now for the 'stars' of the day, the Prescott Club members:





Monday, June 15, 2009

Coffee Day with the Waddel's 15th June 2009

22 Club Members enjoyed a great day at Dorothy and Trevor Waddel's home. Lots of instruments to choose from with a Clavinova CVP-208; Hammond Organ; acoustic piano;   Yamaha DGX620 88 weighted key ensemble piano; and a Korg Pa1X keyboard brought along by Skip Eade. The weather was unkind with rain but we were cosy warm inside and enjoying a great variety of music and styles of play. Thanks Dorothy and Trevor for hosting our Club and making it such a special day.





 Dorothy Waddel played some lovely arrangements on her Clavinova.








Dorothy playing her "Broadwood" acoustic piano. What a lovely tone.








Rob Powell (Hammond organ) and Jim Nicholson on the acoustic piano making up a trio with George Watt (unseen) on the Clavinova.








 Colleen Kerr enjoying the Clavinova.









 Ian Jackson settling-in to the 'cockpit' of the Clavinova before showing us what a drummer can do on a piano!






 Rob Powell helping June McCrorie set-up some nice sounds on the Clavinova. Well done June.







George Watt giving the Clavinova a 'whirl'.








Skip Eade playing his Korg Pa1X keyboard. Whilst the banquet awaits!







Barbara Powell gave the Clavinova a 'spin' whilst Maureen and Ian Jackson listen attentively.











Gordon Sutherland 'having a go' on a full-sized keyboard. Gordon normally only goes near the 61 note keyboard jobs!

Photo courtesy of Colleen Kerr.








Some of the members enjoying the Clavinova being played.









  Some more members enjoying the day.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Club Night 2nd June 2009

About 47 members and guests turned-up on this cold evening to experience a special evening! The Club Rooms were nice and warm and the music was positively hot with Murray Hancox as our guest artist! Murray played the Club's Clavinova and brought along a Yamaha Tyros 3 to play as well. As a bonus, Murray was accompanied by Darren Smith, the Manager for the Musicworks franchise Parent Company. Darren played some tunes on the Clavinova duetting with with Murray - great stuff!




Murray Hancox playing a Yamaha Tyros 3 arranger keyboard











Murray Hancox playing the Club's Clavinova.
Photo courtesy of Colleen Kerr.





The 'goss' has it that Darren will be taking over as Manager of Mainline Musicworks, Takapuna in July and who better to demonstrate the intrinsic qualities of the broad selection of keyboards, Clavinovas and acoustic pianos than the musical magician himself. Murray also mentioned that the Atwaters Keyboard Club would be operational again probably later this month at Hobson Street on Saturday morning. So two things to look forward to!





 Darren Smith jamming with Murray





  Thanks go to Joan Perkins for baking a lovely fruit cake for the raffle which was won by John Beales - lucky fellow! Also, a big thank you to Evelyn Evans for donating a jig-saw puzzle and a lovely set of ladies cosmetic purses for use with future raffles. Members donations are always appreciated in this regard to help bolster Club funds.

In chronological order, the evening started with Des Rouse doing the honours for the arrival music on his Yamaha PSR 3000 arranger keyboard. Very nice as always thank you Des.




Des Rouse playing the arrival music with his usual aplomb





Then, Barbara McNab entertained us on the Clavinova and entertain she did with three stunning pieces including the very difficult timing piece, Take Five.



Barbara McNab treated us with:
"Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue;
"Take Five"; and
"Music Box Dancer"




Ken Mahy then played his Pa80 Korg arranger keyboard and played it very smoothly too. Rumour has it that he has started tutoring lessons with the maestro, John Bercich! Well done Ken it was great to hear you play the keyboard for the first time in public.



Ken Mahy played for us"
Your Cheatin' Heart"; and
"Vienna, My City Of Dreams"




Dorothy Waddel then played the Clavinova with three lovely pieces and so nicely orchestrated as well with some gorgeous choir voices layered with the piano voices.




Dorothy Waddel played for us:
"I Dreamed A Dream";
"Wishing You Were Some How Here Again"; and
"The Phantom Of The Opera"



To finish the first half, Peter Littlejohn played the Clavinova with Takashi Iida accompanying on the Technics GA3 organ. Some great music here despite limited time for them to get together to practise. Well done guys!



Peter Littlejohn (Left) and Takashi Iida (Taka) played:
"Blue Moon";
"Feel So Good"; and
"I Won't Last A Day Without You"





The second half was fully taken-up with a mini-concert put on by Murray Hancox of Atwaters Musicworks. Murray played both the Clavinova and the Yamaha Tyros 3 and accompanied himself with great vocals. The concert was terrific as you would expect from Murray, who some years back was the entertainer of the year in Queensland, Australia! It was great to get some ad lib jamming with Darren Smith playing the Clavinova towards the end of the concert, including the floor requested, Georgia On My Mind.


Now, two shots of the attentive audience.