Monday, June 15, 2009

Coffee Day with the Waddel's 15th June 2009

22 Club Members enjoyed a great day at Dorothy and Trevor Waddel's home. Lots of instruments to choose from with a Clavinova CVP-208; Hammond Organ; acoustic piano;   Yamaha DGX620 88 weighted key ensemble piano; and a Korg Pa1X keyboard brought along by Skip Eade. The weather was unkind with rain but we were cosy warm inside and enjoying a great variety of music and styles of play. Thanks Dorothy and Trevor for hosting our Club and making it such a special day.





 Dorothy Waddel played some lovely arrangements on her Clavinova.








Dorothy playing her "Broadwood" acoustic piano. What a lovely tone.








Rob Powell (Hammond organ) and Jim Nicholson on the acoustic piano making up a trio with George Watt (unseen) on the Clavinova.








 Colleen Kerr enjoying the Clavinova.









 Ian Jackson settling-in to the 'cockpit' of the Clavinova before showing us what a drummer can do on a piano!






 Rob Powell helping June McCrorie set-up some nice sounds on the Clavinova. Well done June.







George Watt giving the Clavinova a 'whirl'.








Skip Eade playing his Korg Pa1X keyboard. Whilst the banquet awaits!







Barbara Powell gave the Clavinova a 'spin' whilst Maureen and Ian Jackson listen attentively.











Gordon Sutherland 'having a go' on a full-sized keyboard. Gordon normally only goes near the 61 note keyboard jobs!

Photo courtesy of Colleen Kerr.








Some of the members enjoying the Clavinova being played.









  Some more members enjoying the day.


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