Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Party/BBQ 12th December 2011

What a wonderful way to wrap-up the North Shore Organ and Keyboard Club's 2011 calendar with a fantastic BBQ Xmas Party. Members and guests came and left as their schedule dictated but that was as well given the apartment would have been bursting at the seams if all stayed all day and all night! It was great to have guest artists join us: Len Hancy on vocals; Bev Barnes vocals; John Perkin on keyboards; Ron Stanwell (President of the Tauranga Organ and Keyboard Club) on keyboards and non other than Internationally acclaimed artist, Marian Burns, who squeezed us into her busy schedule for the BBQ and after dinner music. There was lots of jamming going on and many happy, if somewhat tired bodies, by the end of the night. Definitely a Club Christmas Party to remember!

A big thank you to Peter Brophy as our generous host and also to the guest artists and a special thanks to June Stanwell, Secretary to the Tauranga Organ and Keyboard Club, for acting as our culinary host and ably assisted by Peter Littlejohn with his famous Pavlovas and magnificent Christmas cake.

01 SAM_0799

Barbara McNab getting proceedings going with some great playing on the Yamaha PSR-910 SAM_0764 SAM_0769Peter Jackson trying out the Korg Pa3X.         Annabelle Bramley watching-on whilst hubby, Michael, played and sang using the Yamaha PSR-910 

Colleen Kerr on the Korg piano and Gordon Sutherland on the Korg Pa3X played a duet to two numbers: Crazy and Cabaret. Photo courtesy of Michael Bramley. Colleen Kerr played some lovely solos on the Korg SP250 digital piano

 Desiree Barrows coming to grips with the Korg Pa3X and playing very nicely too!            Guest, Len Hancy, did the honors throughout the day and night as the chief vocalist. Good job Len. Seen here accompanying Ron Stanwell on the Korg SP250 digital piano

SAM_0781 Ron Stanwell, John Perkin (middle), Peter Brophy and Len Hancy (vocals) jamming.

 Our host for the day, Peter Brophy playing along with Len Hancy on vocals and Ron Stanwell and John Perkin jam along. Bev Barnes is seen getting into the action! L to R: Ron Stanwell, John Perkin, Len Hancy and Kevin Johnston (acoustic guitar) jamming SAM_0787 Denise Gunson joined by her 'Country and Western' husband, Brian on electric guitar and vocals. Very nice team!

Our Xmas Party Cake kindly made by Peter Littlejohn and iced by his mum for us. It was also Peter Littlejohn's Birthday on 15th December and so we were able to celebrate this auspicious occasion in the usual manner and some scrummy cake to boot!          SAM_0788 

Another view of table one enjoying the BBQ dinner SAM_0793 

 Bev Barnes had us 'in tuts of laughter' as she recited her 'Little White Nightie' song accompanied by John Perkin on the Korg Pa3X.

After a splendid sit-down BBQ dinner the music started again with lots of jamming and our special International guest artist, Marian Burns, can be seen on the right playing her famous fiddle. Left we have host, Peter Brophy accompanying Jan Johnston on keyboard and Kevin Johnston on acoustic guitar.

Foreground we see Marian Burns winding her fiddle up with some great Country and Western style music. Kevin Johnston on the right switched-over to his eukelele-banjo for this number. Nice playing guys. Left to Right: Marian Burns, Peter Brophy, Jan Johnston and Kevin Johnston accomanying with a percussive instrument/shaker Peter Littlejohn (left) joining in the fun with Marian Burns, Peter Brophy and Jan Johnston (right) jamming 

Marian (right) switched to her Eukelele for some of the numbers    Marian (right) switched to her Eukelele for some of the numbers. Seen here with L to R: Peter Brophy; Jan Johnston; and Kevin Johnston.Marian on Eukelele was calling the chords on this number to keep the band nice and tight!

Kevin Johnston and Marian Burns duelling it out and having lots of fun!   Kevin Johnston and Marian Burns winding it up and having lots of fun!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Club Night 6th December 2011

What a magical way to finish Club Night for 2011. In excess of 50 members and visitors (including a Japanese guest - Mayo Murakami) packed our Club Rooms for the wonderful music. We had five invited players each given a 20 minute slot to create a mini concert. Thanks to the musical participants and to the Committee and helpers to put together a great evening, what with a super supper courtesy of Delyse Whorwood and helpers. Wonderfully presented Christmas Hampers (10 of them) prepared by George and Jean Watt courtesy of our generous members contributions. Even a visit from the North Pole with Santa's helper (Jeanette Beamish) dishing out Christmas gifts and goodwill. Thanks also to Philippa Zink and Peter Jackson for a great job on door duties. It was great to have our big screen back in operation after Mr President ran over it a couple of months ago in his car!

Des Rouse played the arrival music for us on his Yamaha PSR 3000 keyboard              Alan Dadson played the Club's Clavinova CVP-509

Our resident professional musician, John Bercich, brought two Korg keyboards to entertain us with. Loved the White Christmas arrangement.          Guest, John Perkin, brought his Korg Pa3X keyboard

Denise and Brian Gunson playing during their mini concert.               Takashi Iida playing his Yamaha Electone D-Deck for us in his mini concert

Santa's helper came all the way from the North Pole to add Christmas cheer and gifts (courtesy of Jeanette Beamish).

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Prescott Club 30th November 2011

As part of the North Shore Organ and Keyboard Club's "bringing music to the Community" programme, it was our pleasure to entertain the Age Concern's Prescott Club members at St Joseph's Church Hall in Takapuna. This is a weekly event put on for the senior citizens by this hard working organization and we are proud and pleased to be able to contribute an hourly concert at least once a month for them. As this concert was the last of the year their was a Christmas feel to the show and whilst Santa Clause couldn't make it he arranged for a beautiful fairy named Fiona to come along and share some Christmas cheer. Now where did Peter Brophy the NSOKC's Events Manager disappear to just after the start of the show!

Fiona, the fairy, bringing Christmas cheer to the Prescott Club members whilst Len Hancy croons in the background Colin Crann playing his Yamaha PSR-710 whilst Yvonne, his wife, watches on intently Jim Nicholson on piano accompanying Len Hancy on vocals

Jim Nicholson the Club Treasurer, accompanying (on piano) Len Hancy on vocals  Fiona, the fairy, enchanting Len Hancy as he sang to the Prescott Club members. Peter Brophy, the North Shore Organ and Keyboard Club's Events Manager, appeared at the start of the show but then disappeared. I wonder what Fiona's surname is? Some of the Prescott Club members enjoying the entertainment prior to their luncheon

Fiona, the fairy, using her magic wand and silvery shaker to conjure up some Christmas cheer Fiona inviting a 95 years young Prescott Club member to dance Fiona dancing with a 95 years young Prescott Club member

Fiona, the fairy, charming a Prescott Club member. This guy should be nimble on his feet as he used to play professional soccer for Newcaste United in the UK!        Fiona, Len Hancey on vocals and Jim Nicholson on piano entertaining the appreciative and responsive Prescott Club members

Monday, November 21, 2011

Coffee Day 21st November 2011

The keen members made the trek over to St Heliers for Coffee Day at Peter and Lizza Littlejohn's lovely home. Lizza took the day off work specially to cater for the members both morning tea, lunch and a superb BBQ banquet in the evening. The music was great as always with members participating in the morning and afternoon. Pre-dinner and after dinner we were treated to a great concert by John Bercich and Damien Shalfoon. John playing two stacked keyboards and accompanied by Damien on drums. A lovely day was had by those attending and on behalf of the Club a big thank you to Peter and Lizza for the incredible hard work to make the day so memorable. A pity more members couldn't make it along and enjoy the occasion also.

SAM_0667 Members engaged in conversation whilst listening to the music at the same time. Rob Powell had a go on the Korg Pa3X and made it sound pretty good too!

Peter Brophy accompanying one of the other keyboards. SAM_0671 Gordon Sutherland playing his Korg Pa3X. Photo courtesy of Peter Littlejohn

SAM_0674 Delyse Whorwood giving the Korg Pa1X a whirl SAM_0676

Jack of all trades, Rob Powell gave the Technics GA1 a good airing. SAM_0679 Rob Powell leading on the Pa3X with Peter Brophy (right) accompanying

SAM_0682     Damien Shalfoon accompanied John Bercich on one of his drum sets. Damien was a guest from the Eastern Suburbs Organ Society.

John Bercich in full flght on his two Korg keyboards. Actually, John was using Ken Mahy's Pa80.         Damien Shalfoon on drums accompanying John Bercich on keyboards 


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Club Night 1st November 2011

The evening may have been stormy outside, but what a great ray of sunshine inside! We were treated to some great Club member playing in the first half and then treated to a wonderful concert in the second half which lasted a full 1 hour and 5 minutes non-stop! Our guest artists were Murray Hancox and Darren Smith both with the Musicworks Group.

George Watt playing the arrival music on our Technics GA3 organ              Michael Bramley playing his Yamaha PSR-910 keyboard

Michael Bramley singing along with the rhythm                 Ian Jackson gave us a cameo covering a broad spectrum of genres on our Clavinova CVP-509 

Below Video Clip of Colleen Kerr giving a mini-recital on Club Night

Ken played us 5 great songs on his Korg Pa1X. Photo courtesy of Zhibin Zheng (Ben)               Club Secretary, Colleen Kerr, playing the Clavinova for us with great touch and feel

Guest artist, Murray Hancox, played and sang for us for about 35 minutes on our Yamaha Clavinova CVP-509. Murray certainly made the instrument talk as well - but then he sells them at Musicworks Atwaters in Auckland City! Great show (as always) thanks Murray.                   Darren Smith, National Retail Sales Manager for the Musicworks Group, was our second guest artist and played for about 35 minutes for us with a mixture of straight piano and arrangements. What a magic touch and great sensitivity and sound quality coming from this pedigree instrument. Thanks Darren. 

To wrap-up the show, Darren and Murray put together a few songs with Murray on vocals and Darren accompanying on the Clavinova. As an encore, they did a great rendition of Georgia. Thanks guys for taking the time out of your hectic business lives to come and spend an evenig with us and sharing your great music and playing abilities. Photo courtesy of Zhibin Zheng (Ben)          Club President, Gordon Sutherland (left), presenting Darren Smith (middle) and Murray Hancox (right) with a gift for their wonderful concert. Photo courtesy of Zhibin Zheng (Ben)