Saturday, May 22, 2010

Musical Extravaganza 22nd May 2010

“The Longest Day” and what a day it was! Starting at 9.45 am members of the North Shore Organ and Keyboard Club and other interested keyboard players (all music lovers were invited as guests of the NSOKC) congregated in the reception at Fairview Village for Coffee. We all then went down to the soundproof cinema room where John Bercich, the Club’s resident professional musician and keyboardist, had set-up a Yamaha PSR S-910 and Korg Pa1X keyboard for the Keyboard Techniques Workshop. From all accounts (there were 34 persons in attendance) the Workshop was very well received and very helpful with lots of good tips on technique.

PS: All photos on the day were taken by the Club Secretary, Colleen Kerr, who has, in the past, been a professional photographer. Thank you Colleen for taking the trouble to capture the essence of this lovely day and for all your post-editing!

PPS: If you hover your mouse over the photos that follows you will see some text captions.

Master Musician and keyboard specialist, John Bercich, presenting the Keyboard Techniques Workshop in the Fairview Village soundproof cinema


Students at the Keyboard Workshop                  Students at the Keyboard Workshop   

John Bercich then provided some sampler music for the evening’s Hawaiian Concert whilst attendees enjoyed a lovely lunch in the dining room.

John Bercich kindly gave us a foretaste of the evenings Hawaiian Theme Concert, whilst we finished our delicious lunch. Some guests could not stay for the evening Concert and so the session at least gave them a sampler of the great music to come in the evening - what with keyboards, vibraphone, guitar and vocalist!   Guests and residents enjoying a specially prepared lunch.

The afternoon was taken-up with a concert by our Club Members and the audience was joined by residents of the Village as well as our members and members/friends of other music clubs. The afternoon concert started at 2 pm and finished at 4 pm. Around 130 persons thoroughly enjoyed the variety of music offered.

The afternoon concert players. Left to right: Rob Powell; Barbara Powell; Dorothy Waddel; Peter Littlejohn; John Perkin (resident of Fairview Village); Marlene Forrest; Barbara McNab; Peter Brophy; Colin Crann; John Beales; and Skip Eade. 

The Club's Events Manager, Peter Brophy, did a great job as MC for the day.   Colin Crann playing his Yamaha GSX-620 portable ensemble piano Club President, Gordon Sutherland, playing his Korg Pa1X.

Dorothy Waddel playing the grand piano  President and Treasurer of the Organ Society of NZ duetted. Rob Powell is President and Barbara Powell is Treasurer.  John Beales playing his Korg Pa500 keyboard

Barbara McNab playing her Yamaha Tyros 3   President of the Creative Keyboard Club North Shore, Marlene Forrest, playing the Tyros 3   Skip Eade playing his Korg Pa1X

Village resident, John Perkin, shared in the entertainment and firstly played the grand piano   John Perkin then played his Korg Pa800 keyboard   Club Secretary, Colleen Kerr, playing the grand piano

At 4.30 pm we commenced Happy Hour with more Club Members playing the grand piano, drums and keyboards whilst we enjoyed refreshments from the bar! Peter Brophy and Carole Littlejohn put on a mini-concert at 5.30 pm with an emphasis on old-time dance music which got the dance floor filled-up in double quick time!

Joy Eade playing the grand piano   Peter Littlejohn on his Korg Pa1X   Ian Jackson playing the grand piano

Carole Littlejohn playing grand piano with accompaniment by Ian Jackson on drums  Peter Brophy and Carole Littlejohn playing a Yamaha PSR S-910 and Korg Pa1X respectivley for the Old Time Dance segment of Happy Hour Peter Brophy playing his Yamaha PSR S-910 during Happy Hour 

Some of the residents enjoying the Old Time Dance music of Peter Brophy and Carole Litttlejohn                          Some more of the residents enjoying the Old Time Dance music of Peter Brophy and Carole Litttlejohn

     Left to Right: Dorothy Waddel; Barbara Powell; Marlene Forrest; and Barbara McNab enjoying Happy Hour        Maureen Jackson; Colleen Kerr; and Carole Littlejohn relaxing in Happy Hour

After a lovely a la carte dinner (for those lucky enough to book early enough) the Hawaiian Theme Concert commenced with in excess of 150 persons participating. This was led by John Bercich on his Korg keyboard and Vibraphone and joined by Jan & Kevin Johnston on keyboard and guitar plus Jeannie Marquart on vocals. What a great Concert we were treated to, which was well received with the dance floor packed all evening!

Jan Johnston; Jeannie Marquart; and John Bercich getting the audience on their feet and dancing         Kevin Johnston; Jeannie Marquart; and John Bercich

Club Treasurer, Jim Nicholson with Gayle Pauline and John Beales New Club members, Gordon and Eileen France  Gayle and Peter Brophy

Joy Eade and Gordon Sutherland Ian and Maureen Jackson Yvonne and Fleming Moller centre right

Left: Gordon Sutherland and Joy Eade with residents on the right and the band played on!      Residents enjoying the occasion

A big thank you to all the players, Fairview Village Social Committee and our Club Committee with special thanks to Peter Brophy (NSOKC Events Manager) and Colleen Kerr (NSOKC Secretary) for organizing most of the day which generally ran very smoothly. A special thank you to John Bercich for donating his professional time for free and assistance in the pre-organization. Also, thanks to Dave Winslade of Hibiscus Organ and Keyboard Club for bringing Hawaiian shirts and garlands for Club members to dress-up with.

Peter Brophy thanking the band led by John Bercich for such a wonderful concert so generously provided for no charge

All in all, a very special day to remember.

A Musical Extravaganza at Fairview Village on Saturday, 22nd May 2010

Please note that bookings for lunch and dinner are booked-out. You are still most welcome to come along to any or all of the three events on the day which are completely complimentary.

Fairview p1 for Web


Fairview p2 for Web

Additional Notes about the Musical Extravaganza

For those of you intending to come along to The Musical Extravaganza at Fairview Village this coming Saturday, there are a few additional points to bear in mind:

1. Parking - in the event that the visitor parking area is full, I am advised that there is overflow parking in Fairview Avenue just before and after the single lane bridge which is just before the entrance to Fairview Village. Please check for any parking sign restrictions (I am not aware of any). Those leaving the grounds by car in the evening will need to stop at the white line just before the exit gates that should then open automatically.

2. For those that managed to make a lunch or dinner booking, please see Peter Brophy on the day to obtain your vouchers.

3. For Club Members that are contributing at the afternoon concert and wish to unload their musical instrument, please drive to the Main Entrance foyer but then park your vehicle in the car park (the Main Entrance must be kept free of parked vehicles).

4. BYO if you wish. The bar will be open 4.30 pm - 6.00 pm and 7.00 pm - 8.00 pm. (closed between 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm).

5. Morning and afternoon tea/coffee is complimentary (snacks available for a small fee from the kitchen).

Saturday should be a wonderful day, so we hope you will be able to join the North Shore Organ and Keyboard Club for this very special occasion. Remember, members of all music clubs, their friends and relations are welcome to come along and share this Musical Extravaganza which is absolutely free of charge.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Coffee Day 17th May 2010

What a fabulous day shared with our visitors from the Organ Society of NZ Inc. - lots of good music, good company, good eats and wonderful weather - what more could one wish for! We managed to enjoy listening to 18 of our joint Club members playing a variety of instruments, namely: The Club's Clavinova; the Club's Technics GA3 organ; and two Korg keyboards.

A vote of thanks was offered to the North Shore Organ and Keyboard Committee for organizing such a lovely day by Rob Powell, President of the Organ Society of New Zealand Inc. A very special thank must go to Committee member for the NSOKC, Delyse Whorwood, for making up the lovely food hamper for the Raffle first prize and preparing a lot of the food for lunch.

Hover your mouse over the photos to see the names of the players.

Gordon Sutherland, President of the NSOKC, playing his Korg Pa1X             Betty Tennant on the Clavinova CVP-305


George Watt on the GA3             Tony Coppard on the GA3


Colin Crann on the Clavinova               Peter Jackson, member of the NSOKC and Vice President of the Hibiscus Organ and Keyboard Club, playing the Korg Pa1X


Arne Rule playing the GA3             Carole Littlejohn our Papamoa member came up to Auckland to play for us


Vi Duff on the GA3             Ian Jackson on the Clavinova


Marlene Forrest, member and President of the Creative Keyboard Club, playing the Clavinova            Alan Dadson, a new member of the NSOKC and Secretary of the OSNZ, trying out the GA3


Peter Littlejohn on the GA3              Tricia Hill on the Clavinova


Skip Eade on the GA3            Colleen Kerr, Secretary of the NSOKC, having a go on the Korg Pa1X


Barbara Powell playing the Clavinova            Rob Powell, President of the OSNZ, on the Clavinova


Gordon Sutherland, President of the NSOKC and George Watt, past President, drawing the Raffle         


  Arne Rule from the OSNZ won First Prize. Arne reckons he never wins anything so this should make up for it!


Natalie from the OSNZ won the second prize and being presented here by Gordon Sutherland, President of the North Shore Organ and Keyboard Club          


 George and Jean Watt handling the Raffle.


Some of the members enjoying the music and occasion           


Some of the members enjoying the music and occasion


Some of the members enjoying the music and occasion       


    Some of the members enjoying the music and occasion


Some of the members enjoying the music and occasion