Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mid-winter Feast at Valentines

For Coffee Day this month we thought something a little different might be in order and given the time of year, a mid-winter Feast seemed like a jolly good idea! Over 30 members turned-up for the lunchtime Feast and a splendid banquet ensued with lots of jovial conversation. It was good of Barbara Bailey to offer a vote of thanks to the North Shore Organ and Keyboard Club's Committee for all their enthusiastic hard work providing great Club Nights and interesting Coffee Days and other events. A special thank you to Diane Lyons for organising the mid-winter Feast and to Dennis Lyons for his wonderful collage photo.

The Mid-winter Feast at Valentines. Photos and Collage courtesy of Dennis Lyons.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Club Night 1st July 2014

What a great way to spend a winter's evening! The weather was a little damp outside but the music was magnificent inside on our Club Night. We were entertained superbly by: Colin Crann (arrival music and a performance); Jim Nicholson; Diane Lyons; Barbara McNab and Takashi (Taka) Iida in the second half as our very special member and guest artist for the evening. Taka gave a non-stop, full on Concert of 12 carefully chosen pieces to offer an exciting variety of genres of music - definitely something for everyone from pop to the classics. Months of work to prepare these pieces to the highest standard - thank you so much Taka.
As always a big thank you to the Committee for organizing the evening so well and a special thanks to our non-Committee member, Sylvia Riddell, for assisting on door duties.

Video Clip from the Evening:

Click on the link below to watch a video of Colin Crann playing his Korg Pa3x (76 key version) keyboard at the Club on the evening:

The Photos:

Colin Crann played the arrival music on his lovely new Korg Pa3X. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.  The Club's new Treasurer, Laurie Conder, did a great job as MC for the night. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

What a great way to celebrate two big events - Colin and Yvonne Crann's Golden Wedding Anniversary (50 years no less!) and Colin's 81st Birthday to boot. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.  Jim Nicholson very kindly stepped into the breach following a late player pull-out due to indisposition. Jim played the Club's Yamaha Clavinova CVP-509. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Club Events Manager, Diane Lyons, preparing to give her performance on her superb new Korg Pa900. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.  Some of the audience enthralled with the music. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

   Barbara McNab played the Clavinova CVP-509 for us - beautifully as always! Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.        Birthday Boy, Colin Crann, setting-up to play his mini-concert for us on his lovely, new Korg Pa3X. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

        A photo shot of Taka Iida before commencing his magnificent Concert on his Yamaha Electone Stagea. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.  Our very special guest artist was our very own, Takashi (Taka) Iida. Taka brought along his bigger organ, the Yamaha Electone Stagea. A magnificent instrument and played to perfection by Taka who has practised his 12 piece programme for months to ensure a superb performance. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Taka using the touch screen to set-up his next piece. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.  MC for the evening, Laurie Conder, presenting Taka with a couple of bottles of wine as a token of the Club's appreciation for his Concert - sometimes money cannot compensate for the six months practise to ensure near perfection! Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.