Monday, April 19, 2010

Coffee Day 19th April 2010

Another really special Coffee Day at Peter Littlejohn's lovely home. It was great to have some visitors as well as Club members to 'spice' up the variety of music. In particular, it was great to welcome Carole Littlejohn; Dave Hallam; Damien Shalfoon and Daphne Fulton as well as our resident professional musician, John Bercich. The session started in the garage/rumpus room with four keyboards set-up and a Technics GA1 organ to play. After lunch we had a session upstairs where Peter has his Technics GA3 organ and grand piano. For those that could stay on after 3.30pm the Day carried on with a cocktails hour and then a BBQ and more music in the rumpus until about 9.30pm. All in all a splendid day of music and camaraderie and a big thank you to Peter for all his hard work during the day to make it such a memorable occasion.

DSCF1664                                 DSCF1665

George Watt playing the Technics GA1 organ. Jeanette Beamish on debut, played her Yamaha PSR 3000.

DSCF1666                               DSCF1667

            Skip Eade on his Korg Pa1X                                                Gordon Sutherland on his Korg

DSCF1668                     DSCF1669                         

John Beales enjoying Skip’s keyboard.                             Joy Eade playing the grand piano.


DSCF1670      DSCF1671

Guest Daphne Fulton playing the GA1 organ.
Above Right: Carole Littlejohn (foreground), Colleen Kerr and John Beales playing together on three Korg Pa1X’s!

   DSCF1672           DSCF1673

Ian Jackson on the grand piano.           Carole Littlejohn playing along with Club Secretary, Colleen Kerr

DSCF1674      DSCF1675       

George Watt playing the grand                             Desiree Barrows playing her Korg Pa500

DSCF1676      DSCF1677

Guest, Dave Hallam on the grand piano          Ian Jackson accompanying on his drum kit with his wife, Maureen watching on

DSCF1679                    DSCF1680

            Peter Brophy on a Korg                                Carole entertaining on the grand piano

DSCF1681        DSCF1682

Guest, Dave Hallam, enjoying the Technics GA3 in jazz organ style. Dave owns several Hammond organs.
Above Right: Dave Hallam and John Bercich accompanying on the grand piano

DSCF1683   DSCF1684

The two drummer boys! Ian Jackson (left) and Guest Damien Shalfoon (right) enjoying the occasion

DSCF1685      DSCF1686

Dave Hallam ‘jazzing it up’ whilst his partner Christina looks on.
Above Right: Dave Hallam (left) and John Bercich (right) jamming on two Korg Pa1X’s to everyone’s delight.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Club Night 6th April 2010

What a wonderful evening of keyboard music, highlighting such a diffusion of styles and playing techniques. The Club's Technics GA3 organ and Yamaha Clavinova got good use as didDSCF1659 the keyboards  brought in for the evening.  After some inspired playing in the first half by members, we were treated to some wonderful theatre style organ music on our GA3 organ by renowned theatre organist, Ron Clark. Ron is the resident organist for the Hollywood Cinema, Avondale where they have a World class Wurlitzer installed complete with electronics and real pipes! It was pleasing that we had a near full house for this extravaganza of musical delight.

As always, a big thank you to the Committee for all the preparation work to make the evening such a resounding success.






Des Rouse played his Yamaha PSR 3000 for our arrival music. Very nice selection Des – thank you.







First up, Alan Wilkins, showed off his freestyle playing skills on his Yamaha PSR S900. Nice playing Alan.








Next up, Colin Crann, showed off his skill at playing as well as choosing great songs and arrangements. Colin played some French songs for us this month.






We were then entertained with a mini-concert by Rob and Barbara Powell playing solos and duets and concluding with three pieces where Dorothy Waddel joined them for a trio with Dorothy on the Clavinova, Rob on the GA3 organ and Barbara on the Tyros 3 keyboard. Super stuff as always – thanks so much for all the preparation work in putting this ‘show’ on for us.

Rob played a great solo Michael Buble arrangement of “That’s All” on the Clavinova.





Barbara soloed with a very nice arrangement of “The Lonely Shepherd”








Dorothy Waddel joined Barbara and Rob Powell for the last three pieces. Dorothy can be seen here playing the Clavinova with Barbara in the background accompanying on the Tyros 3 keyboard.






As our Special Guest Artist, Ron Clark gave us a terrific variety of musical styles to delight us on the Club's Technics GA3 organ for the second-half of the programme. Ron is the resident organist for the World famous Hollywood Cinema's Wurlitzer pipe organ based in Avondale, Auckland.