Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prescott Club 27th May 2009

On behalf of North Shore Amateur Organ and Keyboard Club and the Creative Keyboard Club, Peter Brophy was MC for this Age Concern concert. Joining Peter this month, we had members of the NSAOKC Dorothy Waddel and Skip Eade participate. Skip on his favoured Korg Pa1X keyboard (same model as Peter Brophy's keyboard) whilst Dorothy 'tickled the ivories' of the hall piano superbly as always. Joining the group this time around was Elizabeth Monk who gave us the vocals to some of the numbers played with Peter, Dorothy and Skip. Elizabeth did a great job considering there had been no rehearsals whatsoever! Elizabeth is keen to further a career singing and is also taking keyboard tuition at the moment with master keyboard player John Bercich. The Prescott Club attendees certainly enjoyed the great melodies (much feet tapping and head swaying with the beat) with music from the 20's through to the 80's. Well done team for getting out there amongst the people as part of both Clubs' efforts to 'Bring Music to the Community".




Elizabeth Monk adding great vocals to Peter Brophy's playing whilst Skip watches on and ready to take over the playing next.







Dorothy Waddel playing whilst husband, Trevor watches on.








Skip Eade played some great crowd-pleasers with great selections of accompaniment styles.









MC for the concert, Peter Brophy, playing some great songs from the 20's and 30's which was such a wonderful period for some magnificent scores.








Some more shots of Elizabeth who really joined in the spirit of the occasion both with great vocals, some slick dance moves and dressed for the part - well done and thank you Elizabeth for your participation.






Sunday, May 24, 2009

Richard Hore Concert 24th May 2009

A night to remember! Richard Hore one of New Zealand's finest organists from Christchurch really turned-on a magnificent spectacle for us both in terms of his superbly arranged and played music together with his dry wit and repartee. Richard has a Technics GA3 organ himself at home and boy does he know his way around this instrument with slick registration changes and sounds that we did not know the organ could create. The programme that Richard put together for us was spot-on in terms of variety with with a contemporary feel. The music ranged from modern spins of some of the classic composers such as Mozart and Beethoven through to the evergreens of the last 70 years. The art of music is not just with the playing which Richard did wonderfully but with the arrangements created by the artist to give it a unique flavour and Richard did this 'in spades'. The Concert ended with a spontaneous standing ovation from the packed hall. The only 'person' nonchalant about the whole proceedings was Vicki, Richard's guide dog, who snoozed through the whole evening! Thank you Richard for bringing your wonderful talents to share with us this evening. We look forward to your return to Auckland in the not too distant future.

After the visual bites that follow, there is a profile of Richard's musical journey which you may find very interesting - certainly a man of many talents and unbound enthusiasm for music.






 Richard Hore playing the Technics GA3 at the Concert.









Richard certainly looked the part too with his resplendent and colourful waist coat and dickey bow.








Richard gave us some great arrangements on the Club's Yamaha Clavinova CVP-305 to add even more variety to the Concert.






Above: Rob Powell did the arrival music for the Concert on the Clavinova. Very nice too - thanks Rob.
Photo courtesy of Colleen Kerr




Richard had us in tut's laughing to his wit and dry humour!
  Photo courtesy of Colleen Kerr











The other *star* of the show, Vicki, Richard's guide dog.




Below: Two photos of Gordon Sutherland introducing Richard Hore. Photos courtesy of Colleen Kerr.








Gordon Sutherland leading the rapturous applause for Richard's awesome Concert.

Photo courtesy of Colleen Kerr.




Now some shots of the attentive audience that packed our Clubrooms for the Concert:



Richard Hore in Profile:

Richard was rendered totally blind through cancer of the retina at 20 weeks of age. In no way does he let this inconvenience hamper him. Music figured strongly in early life by way of his mother's simple but effective piano playing and his love of radio and records. He began lessons in classical piano at age eight and a half, progressing in nine years of superb tutelage to the stage of sitting and passing the Grade Seven Royal Academy practical exam and Grade Five theory. Some 15 years later he returned to his teacher for the best part of three years' theory training so as to sit and pass exams relevant to a Licentiate Diploma in Popular Organ with the Australian Guild of Music. He began offering organ lessons in 1981 and 10 years later when fully qualified, added portable keyboard and elementary piano lessons to his tally. His parents' good management brought his first home organ into his life at age 14, after which his musical career blossomed. Music became his profession on leaving school at age 17. From that point till the present day, for various lengths of time he has entertained as organist in several Christchurch restaurants and hotel environments, more recently adding piano, portable keyboard and vocal skills to the mixture.

He has travelled extensively over much of New Zealand as concert performer and product demonstrator. Both electronic and theatre pipe organs have figured in the former category, this applying also to numerous trips to Australia since 1974. Career highlights to date are a feature concert engagement in Detroit in 1989, instigated by the Motor City Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society for the staging of the thirty fourth Annual Convention, followed closely by a fortnight's cabaret engagement at Nadi's Hotel, Tanoa in 1976 as a result of first placement in TV 2's inaugural series of Opportunity Knocks in the preceding year. Between 1972 and 2008 he has released 12 solo albums. His two original compositions - The Fun Starts Here and Rise To the Challenge - appear on his CD of the former song's title. Since 1992 he has compiled and presented a programme of popular organ music which broadcasts fortnightly over Canterbury's Community Access radio station Plains FM. He is Co-Patron of Christchurch Electronic Organ Society, an active member of Canterbury Theatre Organ Society and latterly, Musical Director for the Drury Theatre Organ Charitable Trust.

Richard's Web Site is: where you can choose from many of his CD's available for mail order.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Coffee Day at the Jackson's 18th May 2009

Oh, what a day! About 27 members and friends of Ian and Maureen Jackson turned up for an amazing day of impromptu music and jam sessions involving Club members and professional musicians alike. We sure were spoilt for choice with a: Yamaha C5 grand piano with Diskclavier installed; a Roland Fantom G8 88 note piano key weighted synthesizer; a Yamaha Tyros 2 arranger/keyboard brought along by our member Alan Wilkins: not to mention another Roland keyboard and another 88 note weighted key electronic piano tucked away in other rooms! The weather played the game also with an absolutely gorgeous warm and sunny day. All in all, an extraordinarily feast of music - thank you Ian and Maureen for your wonderful hospitality at your lovely home.

DSCF1199    DSCF1195


Our host Ian Jackson playing his Roland Fantom G8 synthesizer and his Yamaha C5 grand piano with Diskclavier installed and to show his versatility as a professional musician we see Ian on his DW Drum Kit. Toys to "kill for"!





Peter Littlejohn savouring the Yamaha C5 grand piano. Peter has a grand piano at home also and so his great touch should not have been of any surprise.







Alan Wilkins brought his beloved Yamaha Tyros 2 keyboard to allow even more choices for our musical delight! Ian enjoyed jamming at one stage with the 'pros' as they jammed.






Dave Hallam, the well respected music tutor on the North Shore and professional musician came along for a couple of hours and thrilled us with his superb touch on the grand piano and then acted as Bass player on the Roland Fantom G8 to complete the impromptu band as they 'jammed'.



DSCF1207   DSCF1206

Carol Littlejohn, Andrea Bailey (vocals), Ray (playing flute) and Dave Hallam jamming to our delight.

DSCF1191  DSCF1208

Dave Hallam had business engagements in the afternoon and so Peter Littlejohn stepped-in to play the Roland Fantom acting as the bass player for the impromptu band. Such talent such great music such a great day!



Ray soloing on his beloved flute. Ray chose 'Fly Me To The Moon' for his virtuoso. With visions of 'Jethro Tull' from the 1960's the big disappointment was that Ray didn't play on one leg like the flautist with 'Jethro Tull' used too! Only joking - wonderful music and such a versatile musician.



DSCF1200   DSCF1202

George Watt, our Past-President, and 'new boy' Roy Evans relishing the touch and sound of the C5 grand piano - nice playing guys!

DSCF1212 DSCF1213

Colleen Kerr, our Club Secretary, playing 'Waiting On The Robert E. Lee' left (you can just about visualize the steamboat paddling its way down the Mississipi River. Then Colleen delighted us with the classical and very difficult 'Rustle Of Spring'. Such a lovely touch and wow lovely fluent arpeggios as Colleen ran up and down the scales effortlessly. You could just about hear the trees rustling in the Spring breeze (well... it is Spring in the Northern Hemisphere!).



Rob Powell enjoying the Yamaha Tyros 2 of Alan Wilkins who can be seen closely observing the great sounds that Rob can conjure up out of this great keyboard.







Ray singing along with the band whilst Desiree Barrows, Des Rouse and Colleen Kerr are attentive to the band in full flight.







Club President, Gordon Sutherland, playing Alan Wilkins' Yamaha Tyros 2 keyboard.





Some of our members enjoying the occasion.



Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Club Night 5th May 2009

DIY Club Night but what a night it was with a goodly number of members making for a great atmosphere and superb music. We also had six different keyboards brought in by members to play. For variety we had the Technics GA3 organ wound-up by June McCrorie (her Club debut) and the Clavinova showed-off by our Club Secretary, Colleen Kerr.



Alan Wilkins did the honours for our arrival music playing his newly acquired Yamaha Tyros2 keyboard. Alan had an unfortunate incident with his car on his way to the Club but being as conscientious and enthusiastic as he is, this did not stop him entertaining the audience superbly.






June McCrorie did her debut at the Club on the Technics GA3. Well done June the first is always the most nerve racking and you came through with shining colours.






Ngaire Lonergan played her Technics KN2600 which sounded great especially plugged into the Clavinova to boost the sound for the hall. Well done Ngaire!








Peter Jackson brought his Korg Pa1X and gave us a brilliant performance incorporating playing, singing and jokes that had us 'in tuts' laughing. Good stuff Peter. Peter is also the Vice-President of the Hibiscus Organ and Keyboard Club.





Club Secretary, Colleen Kerr gave us a masterly performance on the Club's wonderful Clavinova CVP-305. Colleen played: Moonglow; Up A Lazy River; and Dark Town Strutter's Ball.








Pam Rea, President of the Hibiscus Organ and Keyboard Club and long-time member of our Club, brought her beloved Korg Pa80 and what a nice choice of songs, including one of the writer's current favourites "Greenfields". Very nice Pam as always.







Doug Farr tuning his Bass Woofer to optimize the sound of his pedal board









Here you can just see Doug Farr's pedal board which is a plug-in module for the KN7000 and what a great enhancement to the sound for certain pieces that he played to demonstrate the use of manual bass pedals. Great keyboard, great playing Doug. Thanks for bringing all the gear along and giving us so much pleasure.








Club member and renowned professional musician, John Bercich, gave us a cameo on his Korg Pa1X and wow John is really starting to make this baby talk. John makes extensive use of the Songbook database built into the keyboard to instantly recall all his settings for each song. Show stopping John - thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule of gigs. Check with your local RSA to see when John is appearing - he plays under the name of "Swingstarz" which includes vocalist, Barry Findon.