Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Coffee Day at Knightsbridge Village

What a lovely day spent at the beautiful gated community of Knightsbridge Village near Mairangi Bay. We were the guests of our Committee Member and resident of Knightsbridge Village, Margaret Black. Lots of music, great conversation, superb cuisine and sumptuous surroundings - how better to spend an Autumn Day. A big thank you to Margaret Black for promoting Community Music Day at the Village and also to  Diane Lyons for organising the event as well. A great job was done by our members that manned the Information and Raffle Desk as well. For those that could stay on, it was nice that the bar was opened at 3.30 pm in order for us to continue with some informal playing whilst enjoying a refreshing drink. Some good photos also courtesy of the Club Photographer, Dennis Lyons.

Margaret Black, our lovely host for the day, sang for us and accompanied by Rob Powell on the Kawai mini--grand piano. Claude Moffat playing the Kawai mini-grand. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

 Diane Lyons setting-up to play on her Korg Pa900. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons. Errol Storey playing the Kawai mini-grand. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Jeanette about to play her Korg Pa3X. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons. Gordon Sutherland about to play his Korg Pa3X during Happy Hour. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Barbara Powell giving the Korg Pa3X a go. The Three Musketeers - L:R: Margaret Black, Delyse Whorwood, and Diane Lyons. Manning the Information and Raffle Desk for the day.

Diane Lyons, the Club's Events Manager, playing her Korg Pa900. Laurie Conder playing his Roland BK-9.

The 'Grand Stage' for the day. Lunch and 'the band played on'.

Jeanette Harding brought her Korg Pa3X all the way from New Plymouth just to play for Community Music Day at Knightsbridge Village. Peter Jackson playing his Yamaha PSR-S950.

Denise and Brian Gunson played for us. Brian with his G&L electric guitar and Denise on the Kawai mini-grand piano. Our Treasurer, Laurie Conder, giving a second performance in the afternoon on his Roland BK-9.

Michael Bramley played Peter Jackson's PSR-S950. Residents enjoying the music.

Relaxing to the great music and enjoying the sumptuous surrounds. Erroly Storey was joined for one of his pieces by a visitor Carolin Harkness. Well done to both of you.

SAM_2607 Michael Bramley playing the Korg Pa3X during Happy Hour.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Club Night 7th April 2015

A Great Night of musical adventures - each artist with his/her own style of play and choice of music. After some great arrival music by Colin Crann played on his Korg Pa3X (76 note), we started the evening off with a 9 year old young lady on piano. Hana Tani has been playing for 3 years and played "Romanian Folk Dance" in 6 movements - magnificent! We wish Hana well for her upcoming talent competition.
We were then treated to four of our Members playing for us: Marlene Forrest on her Tyros 4; Yvonne Moller on her Korg Pa1X; Colin Crann on his Korg Pa3X (76); and last but not least, Claude Moffat on the Clavinova CVP-509. Good stuff guys/gals.
After a relaxing refreshments break, we were right royally entertained by Murray Hancox - the consummate professional entertainer. Murray is the Manager of the Piano and Keyboard Department of Atwaters in Hobson Street as well as being a professional musician. We were treated to a wide range of genres including some audience requests. All in all, a great night's entertainment!
Thanks as always to the Committee for organizing the event so well.

The Videos:

Hana Tani playing “Romanian Folk Dances” on the Club’s Yamaha Clavinova CVP-509 on Club Night.

Marlene Forrest playing her Yamaha Tyros 4 on Club Night.

Colin Crann playing his Korg Pa3X 76 note version on Club Night.

Claude Moffat playing the Club’s Yamaha Clavinova CVP-509 on Club Night.

Our Special Guest Artist, Murray Hancox, playing the Club’s Yamaha Clavinova CVP-509 on Club Night.

The Photos:

Hana Tani played our Clavinova CVP-509. Hana is a young lady of 9 years who has been playing for about 3 years and chose to play for us "Romanian Folk Dance" in six movements. Executed beautifully as well - amazing. Good luck with your upcoming competition Hana. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Colin Crann gave us a variety of music on his lovely Korg Pa3X 76 note version. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons. Marlene Forrest played her great Tyros 4 with her usual sensitve touch. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons. President, Gordon Sutherland, sharing some special moments with Yvonne Moller before her great performance on the Korg Pa1X. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.       Claude Moffat playing the Clavinova CVP-509 in his semi-classical piano style -  very smooth and relaxing. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

The 'mug shot' prior to our Special Guest Artist, Murray Hancox, commenced his concert. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.     Murray Hancox, engaged the audience and took requests for songs. Loved his impromptu rendition of the Barry Manilow song 'Mandy'. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.

Some friendly banter between Gordon Sutherland and Murray Hancox pre his great concert. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.     Murray Hancox receiving a big round of applause and thank you from President, Gordon Sutherland, for his fantastic concert. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lyons.